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Lego poetry and prose blocks

Lego Poetry and Prose Blocks
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Law that would make mandatory the printing of words onto every manufactured lego blocks to inspire youngsters to read and write. Concept is effective because chains of words can be created in two if not three dimensions. Colors of lego pieces can correspond to verbs adjectives, nouns, etc.
ricchris, Dec 30 2008

It's not mandatory https://hong.econom...20Time%20Series.pdf
[normzone, Dec 20 2017]


       Excellent! [+]
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 30 2008

       Fantastic! [+]
miasere, Dec 30 2008

       I long for the old days when I didn't have to see words and printing on every single thing I looked at. Today you can't escape words as an adult but at least let kids have that luxury if they wish. [-]
phundug, Dec 30 2008

       I presume black would correspond to nuns?
wagster, Dec 30 2008

       Could we have pink for feminine nouns, blue for masculine and grey for neuter? Could we also have bound morphemes which change the colour somewhat when you attach them to a stem?
nineteenthly, Dec 30 2008

       Remove "Law that would make mandatory..." and I'll change my bone to a bun.
phoenix, Dec 30 2008

       Fuck the rorschach, can you pass the markov?
4whom, Dec 30 2008

       Ok,Ok, no mandatory law, but W would have loved to link Lego sales to his NO Child Left Behind Mandates.
ricchris, Dec 30 2008

       Once at a house party I used every letter on the host's fridge to spell "Fun is whacking to Madonna"
ricchris, Dec 30 2008

       // Remove "Law that would make mandatory...// I agree with [phoenix]! anything that has to be mandatory sucks.
xandram, Dec 31 2008

       //Lego's already damned good at what it does//   

       It used to be, but recently it´s gone the way of Meccano. Most Lego is sold in kit form to make specific models and if you want generic bricks you have to order them. It's OK to order things, but if a child goes into a toy shop they will see the kits, and their friends will be playing with them, so the pressure is away from creativity and originality.   

       Hell in a handcart and all that.
nineteenthly, Dec 31 2008

       How about a scrabble set with all blank tiles?
ricchris, Dec 31 2008

       Actually, [boysparks], as i was typing that i did wonder if it was just me. Maybe it´s the provinces, but it´s definitely so here. It remains the case that the kits are more prominent though, surely? Interesting that you should say that about non-verbal reasoning, because when i think about certain linguistic things, it's often in visual terms with not exactly lego brick-like objects but sort of things which plug together, so if i do that, what exactly is verbal reasoning? How far can non- verbal reasoning be extended into what's seen as verbal?
nineteenthly, Dec 31 2008

       I notice that we cannt help but over-engineer everything (including toys) until the product defeats its original purpose. For instance quads and atvs have turned into the 4wd vehicles that carry them around to the places where they are used recreationally. Lego has evolved into the realm of specialization and out of the realm of creativity and flexibility.
ricchris, Dec 31 2008

       Everything which could ever be made or invented is already present all around us. We just need the know-how. It may sometimes involve building a vehicle which can travel somewhere else in the Universe where, for example, we can stick a ring of iron around a pulsar and generate electricity, but the means are there. Homo erectus may have picked up a flint and chipped a bit off it to make a hand axe, but those materials plus a few other, maybe locally available ones, could have been used to make the latest PC motherboard. Lego was similar.
I want people always to be able to make a starship from the mud around them in hitherto unimagined ways, and if the likes of Lego gets customised, i fear that that ability will shrivel up and drop off.
nineteenthly, Dec 31 2008

       Do it yourself version: A wax glass marking crayon and a bunch of blank legos.   

       At the described version they could make some Mad-Lib Lego stacks with blank legos in the word strings.
beanangel, Dec 19 2017

       This is such a great idea except for the "Law that would make mandatory" part which frankly, could ruin any great idea.   

       "Law that would make mandatory that all barbecue sauce must be tangy and delicious. Those breaking this law will suffer to the full extent that the justice system allows."   

       Too much hickory flavor? Sixty days!
doctorremulac3, Dec 19 2017

       We need a mandate on mandatory laws. Make a law that no mandatory laws can ever be written...
RayfordSteele, Dec 19 2017

       No, make it mandatory that there must be a law that no mandatory laws can be written !
normzone, Dec 20 2017

       Model kits had decals.
wjt, Dec 20 2017

       As a previous prime minister of the UK said: "I have a man-date for gay marriage..."
hippo, Dec 20 2017

       We must mandate that manditory mandates regarding manditory mandates must not be mandated by mandatory mandated manditory mandates.   

       It's time we send a message to those fat cats in Washington. Any message will do. Maybe just say hi.
doctorremulac3, Dec 20 2017

       #include <EOSSACR.H>
8th of 7, Dec 20 2017


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