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Lego wavetable

create on surface, include loose bricks, switch on, film and watch results.
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Can an individual unconnected Lego bricks be a dynamic group? I am thinking Chladni with Lego. Lego is all uniform.

How about a rubber trampoline surface, say 500mm by 500, that had Lego studs, so could be built on.This surface can vibrate and the vibration would come from a series of force transducers suspended underneath the surface. These transducers could be programmed at the same frequency, in collective patterns or even a concerto of frequencies. Because of the rubber studs, walls, retaining and deflective structures can be built around and through the middle of the surface.

Having built the model, loose bricks are added in to fill in negative spaces. This could be spectrum from a large number of the same Lego component, to groups of the same, ultimately to a heterogeneous complexity and any Lego volumetric desired choice in between.

Currently most new cameras and smartphones can do high speed video recording. Taking advantage of this new feature, the device can be positioned to record this dynamic Lego build in action. Before pushing record though, just tick off that model is built, individual bricks are patterned, shake frequency tracks are loaded and are ready to go, camera is charged and point of view is fixed. Then...

Push record, .. 3.. 2.. 1 switch on wavetable.

wjt, Mar 20 2020




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