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Geodesic Lego
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Connecting building blocks in a myriad of geodesic shapes.

'nuff sed.

http://jcrystal.com...POLYHEDRA/p_00.html [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Nov 24 2007]


       What's wrong with the existing magnetic hub-and-spoke construction toys (Magz, Geomag)?   

       And, no, not "'nuff sed". Lego's construction principle and that of geodesic domes are very different. It's not obvious to me how they would combine.
jutta, Nov 24 2007

       //I can't recall the brand name//   

       Tinker Toys?   

       Not 'nuff sed?   

       hmmmm, ok.
When I was younger I always wanted to use Lego to make shapes that just stacking could not accomplish and three dimensional control over how they attached to one another.
There were angled pieces but no way to click them together along those angles. If I wanted to make a geodesic dome, to use your example, it was simply not possible.
Or rather it was possible, but the end result looked more like a flattened puffer fish than a ball.

       By applying the lego system of connections to a shape such as a triagonal pyramid, and by leaving a side or sides of each piece free of connectors I could build something that would look very similar to a geodesic dome. Later adaptations will include flattened panel pieces which cover over expostd connectors so as to give the creation a "skin" when completed.   

       I have linked to site that lets you view geometric shapes and rotate them. The last four or so are what I have in mind   

       I'll leggo this bun to you.+
xandram, Nov 24 2007

       Sp.: Lego
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 24 2007

       Noted. Thanks.   


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