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Lens Implant

A micro-motorised lens implant
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Conceivably, it would be possible to create a motorised, auto focus, zoom lens in such a size that it would occupy the same size as a human eyeball. The technology to detect line of sight detection is well specified, but by linking the lens array to the eye muscles, and the focusing the image onto the retina as normal, a relatively simple zoom function could be added to the standard human. This would also have advantages to those with cateracts or other eye disabilities that didn't affect the retina. For future development, the retina could be by-passed and a link directly to the optic nerve could be established, but this is still sci-fi. Obviously, this would all have to housed in a realistic looking package in various eye colours, but woul eliminate short & long sightedness as well as offering other obvious advantages.
bobsta, Sep 17 2001

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       I'm not sure how this goes beyond your average Science Fiction "artificial eye". (as seen on Babylon Five).   

       [Whatever one may think about the contents, bad writing and typos are crippling this contribution, and I'd urge you to re-edit:   

       ..in such a size that it would occupy the same size..
-> ..in the shape of...

       ..technology to detect line of sight detection ...
-> ..technology for line of sight detection..

       .. and the focusing ..
-> .. and then focusing ..

       cateracts -> cataracts
woul -> would

       .. eye disabilities, that didn't
-> ... eye disabilities that didn't

       .. have to housed ..
->.. have to be housed ..]
jutta, Sep 17 2001

       Oh! Jutta! Not you, too! Nooooooo!   

       The pendant pod people are taking over...
phoenix, Sep 17 2001

       No need to re-invent the wheel. What controls focusing in the eye is a small sphinter muscle called the Ciliary Muscle. What makes us not be able to accomodate (focus) is the wearing out of this muscle at around age 50 in combination with a hardening of the lens of the eye at about the same time. All you have to do is make a more flexible lenticular implant, and somehow re-stimulate these very delicate muscles in a controlled fashion. No need to pluck out the mote in thine own eye!
eyeguy, Jan 23 2004


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