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high-vision glasses

for a bit of clarity
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what you do, see, is get really caned before you visit your friendly eye doctor. this way, you are able to have your glasses calibrated to your high-vision, enabling you perform tasks such as driving , operating heavy machinery, et al. it's a safety device, i'm telling you.
marisa jo, Aug 21 2000


       A friend of mine had suffered shrapnel damage to one eye in a car accident, and vision correction required that his left lens be an enormously thick convex. No one else could wear these things and stand up straight - people would reel about the room, knocking things over and falling on the floor - sort of the opposite effect. Correcting tunnel vision and paranoia inspiring peripheral artifacts might be more dificult to acheive.
Scott_D, Aug 21 2000

koz, Aug 23 2000

       "Stoned", I'm guessing, but I am by no means hip to the lingo.
egnor, Aug 23 2000

       Caned - drunk or stoned. Cockney slang o' the 90s
bristolz, Jan 04 2002


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