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Let me type, dam it

Hot key forces Word to stop formatting/fixing/"helping"
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Sometimes Word tries so hard to help that it becomes impossible to actually write anything. I propose that pushing the windows key in Word would put it in "ol' fashoned typewriter" mode. No spell check, no formatting, no squiggly lines, just what ever is typed. Optional ability to use a poor quality correction like we used to have with the white ribbon. Mistakes aren't completely hidden, just blurred-out and overtyped.
HalfPlus, Sep 10 2007

Word processors are stupid and inefficient http://www.ecn.wfu.edu/~cottrell/wp.html
A Physics teacher of mine made us all read this link. [bleh, Sep 10 2007]

The Original The_20_22Don_27t_20...20Again_22_20Button
[phundug, Sep 10 2007]

TeX http://www.tug.org/
I'm telling you, YOu'll never go back [bleh, Sep 10 2007]


       So why would you want a hot key to turn them off? When the automatic functioning is turned off, each component can be called on demand, by hot keys. So just leave them off, like I do.
DrCurry, Sep 10 2007

       Nice, from a retrospective point of view. Maybe it could align one character (but it has to be the same one each time) just slightly above all the others. [+}
jtp, Sep 10 2007

       So, you want wordperfect 5?
shapu, Sep 10 2007

       Isn't there another program installed on all MS-Windows machines. Called something like Word Pad, or Note Pad (maybe it's Maxi Pad) that does exactly this?   

       Or just use vi or emacs like a real adult.
Galbinus_Caeli, Sep 10 2007

       Bun. Rarely, rarely do I need to use MS-Word, but when I am forced to do so this would come in very handy. So much quicker than digging through "Options" that I'm unfamiliar with trying to figure out how to turn the damn stuff off.
Noexit, Sep 10 2007

       Noexit: if you're not familiar with the product, how are you going to know about an option that lets you turn all the options off, however easy to use it is?
DrCurry, Sep 10 2007

       Use LaTex and you'll never go back. My Physics I prof insisted on it and I've used it ever since. It produces such better results without all the headache of the f'n paperclip telling you what it thinks you want to do.   

       p.s. <linky>
bleh, Sep 10 2007

       Sp: "damn it".
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 10 2007

       In Word, under Help, you can just Hide the Office Assistant pain in neck paper clip.
xandram, Sep 10 2007

       his name is "Clippit."
k_sra, Sep 10 2007

       If you open a blank document and type "damnit()" (no quotes), then it automatically turns off all autoformatting until you close the document.   

       ... at least it *should*
phundug, Sep 10 2007

       //If you open a blank document and type "damnit()" (no quotes), then it automatically turns off all autoformatting until you close the document.//   

       Oh, it doesn't work! You LIE!!!   

       (The little red squiggly line is encouraging me to correct my spelling, too.)
shapu, Sep 10 2007

       //Oh, it doesn't work! You LIE!!!//   

k_sra, Sep 11 2007

       BUN BUN BUN(damnit)!!! I am computer literate enough to be able to disable the auto-correct functions and sometimes I even use MS-Wordpad because I just wanna type without having to go through a bunch of "helpful" stuff. But I still would like to have that as a hot-key function so even if I go to someone else's computer, I wouldn't have to change their settings. I would just hit the Windows key and then I can type.
Jscotty, Sep 11 2007

       To me, it's just a new hotkey function (flavor). [-]
bnip, Sep 12 2007

       This is not an invention. It is a feature suggestion for Microsoft.
Galbinus_Caeli, Sep 12 2007

       So would that make this more of a WIBNI?
Jscotty, Sep 12 2007

       //so even if I go to someone else's computer, I wouldn't have to change their settings. // But that's so much fun!
ldischler, Sep 12 2007


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