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Library Train

'Cause I'm Reading on a Late Train
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(With apologies to John Denver)

When travelling on a train, a great way to keep yourself occupied is to read a book. To promote this an extra carriage could be added to some trains (or an area inside a normal carriage could possibly be used) in which books are rented and sold. There will be an inordinately large section for novella’s and short stories, which are arranged in order of the rough time it will take to be read. This was you would be able to ask for, for example “Whatever’s good in the 30-45 minute category”.

Of course, there would also be longer stories, which couldn’t be read in a single sitting. To continue these, you would be able to either rent the book and return it next time you are on a train, or buy it outright. To use this service you would have to sign up to get a library card, much in the same was as in any other library.

Edit: To ensure that those who don't don't use trains very often wouldn't be fined for the use of this system, train stations would have a small metal letter-box style book deposit box, which would be emptied periodically by the travelling librarians.

hidden truths, Nov 24 2006

A natural extension of the Chat Carriage Chat_20Carriage
[shameless plug] [jonthegeologist, Nov 24 2006]


       But Reading already has a railroad.
hidden truths, Nov 24 2006

       I'm trying to imagine the mental state of the librarian who applies for the job before learning that they have to re-arrange all the books in order of reading time. Bun just for the new indexing scheme.
zen_tom, Nov 24 2006

       I'm thinking it would be better to put the library in the station, but + anyway.
DrCurry, Nov 24 2006

       I thought about that, but it would mean that there'd be no opportunity to return your book and get a new one if the one you got turned out to be rubbish.
hidden truths, Nov 24 2006

       What? I didn't include that? Crap. I meant to. Look again in 10 minutes.
hidden truths, Nov 24 2006

       Mortimer applied the finishing touch to his navy blue pin-stripe three-piece suit by carefully placing a white silk handkerchief ever so rakishly peering from the breast pocket. He grabbed his briefcase and strode out into the cool morning air and smiled at the reassuring rattle of his library card inside the case. On the way to the train station he greeted the usual clusters of passersby. He never tired of their attention, secretly revelling in his growing fame amongst the townsfolk. He saw the awe and respect in their eyes whenver he presented his business card which read "Mortimer Q. Bookish MLS, Travelling Librarian".
Canuck, Nov 25 2006

       The length of time was meant as an average. If you read slower than others, you can get a shorter book, and the opposite for fast readers.
hidden truths, Nov 25 2006

       On an off shoot of the idea- If you use a wireless conection on the train ( don't try using a wired connection, I beg you), does the signal cut out often on the ride? Because I'm thinking that if you could have an internet connection/ book reading/ coffee shop car, people could read from several different sources and enjoy a nice cuppa joe. Or would the train people have to set up signal relays through the tunnels?
Just curious.

       BTW_ Plus for anything that encuragess good redings of books. You can never learns to much, I always says. +
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Nov 25 2006

       [NTSS] sp: sez
jurist, Nov 25 2006

       How about a digital library with a touch screen at your seat? You bring your own head phones and swipe your library card. The system would remember the book you had last and the point at wich you logged out. Then you could rest your eyes and listen to a great book along the way.   

       If you really wanted to finish the book but you had to get off the train you could download the remains of the file to your ipod.
Chefboyrbored, Nov 25 2006

       I like this idea!   

       For the indexing system - you can have sections laid out in the usual alphabetical order but sections of 'sub 20min', 20-30, 30-1hr, 1-1:30....   

       I'd definately use it, but I get the feeling it'd be open to abuse, and I'm not sure there's space on a local sized train. Funding may be an issue for operators though.   

Skrewloose, Sep 21 2008


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