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Lick n' Stick

The self-adhesive glue that's fun to lick!
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Okay, so it's your Gran's birthday, you've got the card and seal the Envelope. It tastes gross...You stick on a stamp. It tastes gross too.

Not so with new Lick n' Stick. Lick n' Stick is a specialy developed self-adhesive glue which actually tastes nice! Make sure your stamps and envelopes have new Lick n' Stick!

Available in a variety of flavours, including vegitarian friendly ones.

All you have to do is Lick n' Stick!

Belly, Jun 23 2000

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       There are mint-flavored stamps and envelopes out there. I'm personally undecided about whether they taste better or worse than the unflavored glue.
egnor, Jun 23 2000

       Whorf! Gawd, now THERE'S a mental flavor I didn't need...
StarChaser, Jun 24 2000

       Also adhesives are often wintergreen-flavored (methyl salicylate), because it's cheap.
rmutt, Jul 20 2000

       Coffee sweetened with toothpaste? Probably just as bad as coffee 'sweetened' with salt (someone pulled a prank at the office today).   

       Probably *not* as bad as brushing your teeth with Ozonol, like my dad did once....
BigThor, Aug 31 2000

       What's Ozonol?
StarChaser, Aug 31 2000

       Ozonol is an antiseptic skin ointment made by Bayer, designed to soothe scratches, small cuts, insect bites and the like. It comes in tubes similar to toothpaste tubes, so I could imagine confusing the two some groggy morning.   

       You may be familiar with "Neosporin," a similar product by Warner-Lambert.
egnor, Aug 31 2000


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