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Lickable Business Cards

Business cards printed with edible inks for emergency snacking.
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No joke here folks. I actually experimented with this idea in 1974 and had modest success. I was a silkscreen artist at the time and was experimenting with ink alternatives.

My first attemps were with chocolate (fudge ice cream syrup). I created a whole series of proto-type business cards. Some were designed to resemble a fudgicle-pop, others said "lickem-here" with a patch of chocolate. Some had conventional typeface but with a panel of lick- able chocolate on the back. The printed typeface was also chocolate. To prevent stickiness each card was inter- leafed with a thin sheet of velum paper. They were quite stable and I still have some of them stored to this day.

Other examples were ketchup and mustard. Food coloring had to be added to intensify the color density.

One really weird idea I tried was just using clear cooking oil with some type of stabilizer to facilitate with the printing process. The result created a controlled graphic typeface which was oily. Subtle oil stain-like graphics. I tested out various card stocks from very porous to hard, smooth,finishes. I got my inspiration for that one looking at a grease stained pizza box. I was trying at the time, to infuse the oil with the smell of pepperoni pizza. I never applied to get a patent, I was trying to expand the boundries of artistic invention.

Cosmo, Aug 26 2003

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       How about "scratch 'n' sniff" business cards, which would be infused with the corporate smell?
peterd, Aug 26 2003

       Anything that brings roaches to a competitor's desk get's a lickable picture of a croissant from me. +
k_sra, Aug 26 2003

       All business cards are lickable, but your cards probably tasted better. I personally never eat things from anyone's wallet aren't individually wrapped. '74 huh? Did you try dipping your cards in the usual '70s chemicals. I can think of atleast 3 of them that would make humans want to lick your cards. Chemicals like that are the other reason why I won't lick any one's cards, especially if they ask me to do so. Possibly, fine for other humans though. +
sartep, Aug 26 2003

       <notes the words 'other humans' and smiles to self>
k_sra, Aug 26 2003

       // make humans want to lick your cards //   

       I could imagine coming home to candles, food, and a wife wearing nothing but my business cards...

..hopefully I didn't choose "ketchup" cards...

DeathNinja, Aug 26 2003

       Might want to add a disclaimer for avoiding any responsibility for tongue-based paper cuts... ow! Hmmm. Why not make the edges salty just to add to the experience???
Dustoff, Aug 26 2003

       Margarita letterhead with salt sealing envelope.
k_sra, Aug 26 2003

       It was the early 1970's and the scratch and sniff concept was just being tested. I remember a Martini scent and Natural Gas. I was inspired........
Cosmo, Aug 26 2003

       Business-card-shaped stick of chewing gum would be flat, would stack with other cards, and be more sanitary.
flypaper, Aug 30 2003

       flypaper,..........this gives me a new idea! What about business cards made out of an edible, durable foodstuff. Highly compressed granola or something, with non-toxic soy- bean inks for the printing.
Cosmo, Aug 31 2003

       bizarre. delicious. call the nurse.
benfrost, Apr 28 2005


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