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Life outside the half-bakery

It exists. I have seen it.
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Vote this idea down. It isn't worth it. There is nothing out there. I shall come back to the fold.
globaltourniquet, Aug 14 2001

i think i know where globaltourniquet has been... http://www.halfbake...diction_20-_20detox
...and i guess the treatment didn't take. [mihali, Aug 14 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       [m-f-d] Don't you wish folks would stop using "new ideas" to post conversational tidbits like this? So I've been away for a while, so now I'm back. So what? What do you all care? (did I miss anything good?)
globaltourniquet, Aug 14 2001

       I have been to a shining planet known as... Earth. They actually occasionally perform productive activity there. They have tried to get me to join them, by enticing me with earthly delights, such as a thing they call a paycheck, and I am loathe to admit that I have succombed to their wiles, shortening my time in this land. Woe is me.   

       I shall prove my identity, UB: that should more properly have read, "Until I can put my hand _into_ the hole in your side..."
globaltourniquet, Aug 14 2001

       Quickly! Apply pressure, stop the bleeding. gt's back!
Dog Ed, Aug 14 2001

       Welcome home. I have a gift for the traveller. Now hold out your hand and close your eyes.
st3f, Aug 14 2001

       ...have I entered a chat room?
iuvare, Aug 14 2001

       gt! Tell no more lies about this place you call earth. Heretic! Be careful....spies abound......
Susen, Aug 16 2001

       They only use custard for desserts.
lewisgirl, Aug 16 2001

       with increasing regularity I am forcibly subjected to these vague apparitions and their capricious whims. They flit about, rattling bouncy noises at my head, trying to make me one way or another, compensating me poorly, and all the while I get the distinct impression that they somehow believe in themselves. As unwilling participant in what some would call life, I can verifiably assure you, gt... there really isn't anything out there. Even my time thinly veiled apart from my halfbaked home is spent in contemplation of these glorious, invigorating return spats. I tell you, I exist in this fold eternally, even as I feign occupation in that other world of muffled shadows. Stay, brother...
absterge, Aug 18 2001

       ... drink deeply of this proffered notion, that you may more fully comprehend the futility of the fabled Real World.
Toreadorothy, Aug 18 2001

globaltourniquet, Aug 18 2001


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