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Lift Bus

Lift that makes a circuit of popular floors to a fixed schedule.
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One thing that strikes me is that a lot of the waiting for a lift is because they're moving about at random rather than in a sensible patern. Oh a regular lift will always have it's place but in large buildings there are always one or two floors that see more traffic. So, why not make at least one shaft where the lift doesn't stop on request, but makes a regular circuit stopping off at each floor on the list in turn pausing for a fixed time to let off and take on passengers? It'd save time, as there's no arguments about buttons or which floor to go to next. By servicing the bussiest areas of the building the regular lifts can then be left to cope with those headed to less common destinations.

Another advantage is that with a regular time table at least you can tell at a glance how long you will have to wait for the lift and make up your mind right away if it's worth waiting for or not.

Bronzewing, Jan 19 2006


       They have these already. In highrises an elevator will take you to the 50th floor where you will then take a local elevator to the 40th or 90th floor. Another elevator will then go all the way to the 100th floor where you will again ride a local elevator up or down.
Antegrity, Jan 19 2006

       Another way in which this is Baked is in buildings accommodating observant Jews, where one or more elevators are programmed to stop at every floor on the Sabbath.   

       (Apparently, pressing a floor button would be considered "work.")
DrCurry, Jan 19 2006

       They don't really.
moomintroll, Jan 19 2006

       Do they?
moomintroll, Jan 19 2006


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