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Lift Cam

Record those priceless moments
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Some people (myself) do some daft things when riding alone in a lift. Suffice it to say they are things I would not do in the presence of lift company. I propose for lifts in large buildings to be outfitted with hidden cameras to capture these moments. In order to avoid mass litigation, there might need to be one lift not outfitted and as small a notice as possible on the other lifts that filming may occur.

The best of the best (eating one's own nasal treasures, dancing, adjusting brassiere straps) could then be shown on a loop on large screens at the street.

bdag, Nov 04 2009


       brilliant!!!!!!!!! Give us more of this!!!!!
WcW, Nov 04 2009

       This is the logical apogee of reality telly.
wagster, Nov 04 2009

sp. "nadir"
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Nov 04 2009

       //nadir// sp. "Nader"
bdag, Nov 04 2009


       All the lifts I use have operators in them, how would you work around that?
Duckjuice, Nov 05 2009

       You either live in very expensive hotels or work on a construction site.
wagster, Nov 05 2009

       a small trapdoor in the floor should sort that out [ducky]
po, Nov 05 2009

       If you put screens out on the street, it would rapidly degrade to "Look Ma, I'm on TV!", with groups of idiots trying to out-do each other in stupid antics.
neutrinos_shadow, Nov 05 2009

       Kind of like a bun for the sake of bunning.   

       I would think Ralph Nader would approve of the idea because it could possibly protect people from lift muggings.   

       Perhaps we can take the idiots out of the equation by putting the telly into the offices of the CEO and building maintenance.
bdag, Nov 06 2009


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