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lift/elevator scripts

sparkling wit as you go up & down
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If you regularly have to use a particular lift (elevator), say, in a large office block, you tend to start recognising the people who use it. Sometimes this can lead to embarassing semi-conversations with opening gambits such as "nice weather", "see the match?" or "thank goodness it's friday".

But rather than embarking on a poor-quality chit-chat, why not use the time to re-enact a famous scene from a film/play? Fragments of scripts could be made available from a dispenser, and as more people enter, the various parts could be allocated. And so next time you share the lift with someone you know but don't know well, your opener could be "fancy doing Casablanca or Blue Velvet?"

slancaster, May 25 2001

Morris Dancing Elevator http://www.halfbake...0Dancing_20Elevator
Another way to pass the time. [phoenix, Oct 17 2004]


       It's a bit hard on the people who use the lift only at quiet times. Film Noir elevator, anyone?
angel, May 25 2001

       Ah, but they could practise, so that if they happened to use the lift when _other_ people were also there, they'd win extra script reading kudos points ... they could take on the hard lengthy monologues (i'm thinking the st. crispin's day speech from henry V here).
Rodomontade, May 25 2001

       it was an overcast friday morning as i finished my drive to work. i entered the elevator in the lobby, and just as the doors were closing, _she_ jumped into the elevator. and into my life, too. she was the most beautiful creature i had ever seen, with legs up to her eyes, and eyes that could melt your heart.   

       "hi!', she said in a voice that was a cross between marylin monroe and rita hayworth, "i'm nancy, from the 26th floor."   

       just then...
mihali, May 25 2001

       I thought this would be about writing perl scripts to encode lift control algorithms...
hippo, May 25 2001

       There could be scenario-specific scripts as well...if the lift gets stuck, you could start shouting "Open the pod bay doors HAL" etc.
-alx, May 25 2001

       Good point - Vertigo, Towering Inferno and Silence of the Lambs should be avoided...
slancaster, May 25 2001

       Or the local Psychiatric hospital.
mark_t, May 25 2001

       this is the lest dum thing i sawded on this siit
subkat, Jan 14 2003


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