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Lighter pack

Never lose your lighter
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Why not have cigarette packs with a built in lighter so that no darn lighter thief can leave you craving for hours until you can get to the shop. Also solves that pub problem where there is a fag-machine but you've lost your lighter and they don't sell them at the bar!
sven3012, Jan 02 2002

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       Carry a spare.
phoenix, Jan 02 2002

       someone is bound to run off with your ciggies too
po, Jan 02 2002

       Insurance costs would be prohibitive. If Ciggie manufacturers/distributors could, they would. I think I said the same thing last time this came up in b/2.
thumbwax, Jan 02 2002

       Best is to quit smoking, please. Barring that, just don't let your lighter leave your hands. Offer to light whatever it is they want to burn for them.
bristolz, Jan 02 2002

       self-lighting ciggies, I can picture Humphrey Bogart flicking his finger nails at the end of the ciggy and in bliss's words - pfoof - alight. play it again sam   

       whoops just seen this in the list above - sorry
po, Jan 02 2002

       Baked. I bought a cigarette case with built-in lighter as a Christmas gift for a friend this year.
dana_renay, Jan 02 2002

       My mother had a case with a little pocket for a lighter built into it when I was a kid. <She's since quit, long ago...>
StarChaser, Jan 02 2002

       O.K. I think general concensus is quit, damn, missed the new year, have to wait another year...
sven3012, Jan 03 2002


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