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Think ant frying magnifying glass, sans the sun
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Instead of butane, this "lighter" contains a high powered laser and a really good lens, to focus the light on a certain point x-cm away from the lighter.

SO now, no more messy lighter fluid, just batteries, and a wicked cool new way of setting things on fire.

The profile of the light will de-focus the light at larger distances away, (beam isn't columnated) so it will be safe to use.

swimr, Jul 21 2004


       (+) I have a soft spot for stupid ideas that actually work. They remind me of...me.
ldischler, Jul 21 2004

       Oddly enough, my lighter's just run out of fuel and no longer works. Now it's just an "er".
lostdog, Jul 21 2004

       so the lighter, in essence, will become heavier because of the battery (replacing the lighter fluid) and the lens. so... it should now be called: heavier? heavier lighter? heavy-duty lighter? light-operated lighter? =P
nox, Jul 21 2004

       Unfortunately, I see two problems with this. First, during the day, there's no way to visually "line up" the end of your smoke with the light beam.
Smoking could really be bad for your health.... when you light your cigarette/ joint, you burn the end of your nose.
The second problem is that this basically becomes a type of laser. So in addition to possible government regulations, you run the risk of damaging your vision if the light gets reflected into your eyes.
holophile, Jul 22 2004

       This is a cool idea.   


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