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Curb those pesky obsessions!
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Guys, have you ever been involved with a certian potentially special someone and maybe a little too desirous of their affections at one time or another causing you to frantically call them at all hours of the night with nothing too say and less to gain?! This product is for you.

It has happened to us all, perhaps, at one time or another where our emotions beg for some fleeting telephone conversation to end with those sweet words: I'll be right over. But, alas, this rarely ends so well! Most of us suffer from a diminished ability to communicate, hardly capable of convincing someone of our sincerities, let alone getting them to come over for a midnight encounter! If only we'd have staved off the silly phone call...

Enter: The Limphone. This product consists of a noninvasive elastic support worn around the man's genetalia that, when stretched, sends a signal to the person's telephone which prevents any calls from bieng made, save a few emergency numbers. Who's buying it? The guy whose lost too many girlfriends because of incessant booty calling.

daseva, Jun 13 2007


       booty call n. A telephone call inadvertently made by sitting on one’s cell phone.
nuclear hobo, Jun 13 2007


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