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Lines between the reading.

Reading between the lines. Inspired by a Rods Tiger anno so long ago that I can't find it. Title courtesy of [xenzag]
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If you have ever been reading and your eyes have gotten tired enough that the letters start to blur, you've probably seen the rivers or lightening bolts of connecting negative space that snake across the page between the written words.
I thought, this would be a heck of a way to send coded messages covertly over a public medium, but you couldn't just have a negative space code because it would be too easy to break.
So then I thought, what if you encrypted the script like the, ancient Greek, (I think) rulers, by wrapping a thin strip around a rod or scepter that has a chaotically varying diameter and then writing the code upon it. so that a duplicate rod is needed to read the message once it has been unraveled.
With today’s computers I'm sure this could be done using programs to slice a screen of written text into strips which are spliced end to end and then wrapped around a virtual scepter, only it would be the negative spaces alignment that would spell out the message.
If this negative space message was also coded there would be no way to detect it.

There is one contained in this message.


Steganography and countermeasures http://www.jjtc.com/Steganography/
I really have no idea what u r talking about, but this is interesting... [mystic2311, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       e=mc[big space]... backwards?   

       On second thought, maybe that says 'MoM".
Tiger Lily, Dec 21 2003

       "Is that a chaotically varying diameter duplicate rod in your pocket, or ... ?"
hippo, Dec 21 2003

       There can't be one contained within this message. (Or rephrased - there may be one but we'll never find it.) It would be dependent on font settings over which you have no control.
waugsqueke, Dec 21 2003

       Ah, I found the hidden message. Very clever.
thumbwax, Dec 21 2003

       Clever? Cheeky, more like.
lintkeeper2, Dec 21 2003

       I am now going to disclose the decipher code needed to read the hidden message, but wait, two very polite individuals in dark suits just came to the door. They seem to be insisting to my wife that I have to go with th   

       Baked, maybe? Steganography? see link
mystic2311, Dec 23 2003

       That gets my prestigious "Damn you for posting that one first" award. Only one such award has been given out previously to Waugs for wiperlifters.   

sartep, Dec 24 2003

       Instead of using the space between words, it might be harder to decode a message written figuratively between the lines, in the subtext of the host message. A tone of suppressed adoration in the first paragraph, followed by a more adversarial, even enraged timbre, for example, may mean something or other.
friendlyfire, Dec 24 2003

       sloopjohnb, that reminds me of the movie, "They Live," a paranoid classic where the protagonist sees such messages in everything.
mystic2311, Dec 24 2003

       I have a pair of glasses given to my by this dark, mysterious stranger down in New Harlem. With them I can read the hidden messages, and anything written in clear text (without misspelings) becomes coded.
GnoLackawitz, Dec 25 2003

       Reminds me of a friend who got himself messed up on mushrooms and E. He believed that messages were encoded into the random crumpling of paper money, newspapers, etc. It was a truly disturbing sight to watch him decode full sentences from a scrunched up five pound note.
Salmon Of Doubt, Nov 06 2005

       Could it be called "LInes between the Reading"? check out Brion Gyson / William Burroughs cut up method.
xenzag, Nov 06 2005

       I like that.   



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