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Live Photo Tagging

Tag people in photos automatically.
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If you are familiar with facebook you know that you can "tag" people who appear in your photos. Well this is a combination of that and a new GPS marking technology in Sony video cameras, sort of. Everybody has a cell phone now. What if, when you took a picture, the camera also took a snapshot of cell phone signals within its field of view, looked up the owner of the phone, and tagged that area of the photo with that person's name. That way you could take a picture of, say, a city street and everybody in it would be identified, even if they were complete strangers.

-all cell phones have GPS locatiors, usually they have to be turned on manually by the owner. You would need the right camera and software combination to look up the names based on the phone signals within view, and then apply names to the proper places in the digital photos.

DIYMatt, Apr 13 2009

Facial identification camera Facial_20identification_20camera
My take. [phoenix, Apr 13 2009]


       I thought it was gonna be something like you upload your photo and a computer checks the rest of the world for matches... creepy (and probably baked by intelligence agencies).
FlyingToaster, Apr 13 2009

       You've been tagged on Facebook, Osama!
4whom, Apr 13 2009


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