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Live wallpaper

Unlimited scrolling wallpaper building
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All the walls on the top floor of a multi- story building are fitted with wall to wall large format inkjet printers. These are mounted in the ceiling so that the paper coming out of them runs along the wall. At the bottom the floors are slit, so that the paper coming from the printers may pass through the floor to the floor below. And so fourth on to the bottom floor. There the paper wil have to be discarded in some way. Maybe collected and used for heating?

The printers spew out a new design every day, or print continuously but very slow. World renowned designers could send their designs to the printers via the net. Feedback could be provided with webcams. Or the walls could display yesterdays view from the top floor (or the day before yesterday, or the day before that or last month etc. - depending on which floor you live)

The top living spaces will be prized greatly, by the fashion conscious especially. They will enjoy their wallpaper before those below. Or they could send messages to eachother, like 'Barbecue at our place tomorrow (please strike message before your neighbours below read it)' of 'Sorry about the noise yesterday'

Some structural problems of this building need some attention, the least of which are sound proofing or how to support the floors properly... Plus: no hanging any shelves and paintings on the walls!

Ehrm, Jun 27 2005


       I have a hard time giving a bun to an idea that involves destruction of thousands of trees a day just for cosmetic reasons. Even with recycling, it's difficult to accept.   

       However, this is pleasantly eccentric. [+-]
shapu, Jun 27 2005

       All, right then. A proper solution to the waste problem would then be a wallpaper-shop on the bottom floor where you could buy the stuff by the meter. Or notebook-covers? Nice decorative cardboard boxes? Placemats anyone?
Ehrm, Jun 27 2005

       Get rid of the paper altogether and use wall-size LCDs.   

       Of course, if you do that, your idea becomes redundant.
waugsqueke, Jun 27 2005

       I thought this was an idea about using moss for wallpaper.
theircompetitor, Jun 27 2005

       Building's are sealed floor to floor with fire caulking so if a fire starts on one floor, it can't easily spread to the next one above or below it.   

       A giant wick running up and down the building could pose a minor problem.   

       Incredibly enough, I bet it would be cheaper to line the whole inside of the building with LCD panels for the same effect, over time of course.
Giblet, Jun 27 2005

       // A giant wick running up and down the building could pose a minor problem.//   

       So each floor could have its own printer which is radioed the signal from the floor above.
phundug, Jun 27 2005

       Use a rolling whiteboard, and draw in non-toxic markers.
david_scothern, Jun 28 2005

       //thought this was an idea about using moss for wallpaper//   

       I thought it was idea for wallpaper actually being alive and moving. THAT could cause some nightmares.   

       And according to my friends, I can talk to moss and glow in the dark. Your moss thing reminded me of that.
hobbitcoat, Jun 28 2005

       This could be combined with a giant lie detector polygraph needle thing to great effect. Hook the MD up to it in his top-floor office so that passers-by can look up and view the magnitude of his corporate lies that day.
rubyminky, Jun 22 2006

       imagine the bills for ink
tatmkr, Jun 22 2006


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