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Wood heater stove pipe smoker attachment option
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A couple of specialty stove pipe Y pieces, 45 degrees or so, off the vertical stack rising from the big wood heater in the corner of the den. A well sealed cooking chamber of whatever degree of ornateness you pick out, fixed into the heat and smoke stream leaving your home. I think all heat and smoke control could be built into the specialty Y joint pieces, direct more in, or cut smoke off from the cooking chamber to load, tend the meat, etc. While never impeding the flow out of the main stack. Might make the house smell a little bit like Dan's BBQ shack while in use, but thats part of the experience. With almost no smoke escaping the chamber, it would be the smell of the cooking brisket that wafted through when you opened up to flip and spritz. Fully detachable, throw it in the yard and hose it out. An absolutely seasonal product, but what better to do when its too cold for an outdoor cook session.
hard-scrabble, Jul 01 2012

I bought one of these. http://www.bbq-huts.co.uk/
[Phrontistery, Jul 03 2012]

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8th of 7, Jul 01 2012


       But what about grease and creosote chimney fire possibility?
evilpenguin, Jul 01 2012

       Aha! Had not thought of that. Googled spark arrestors, remembering the term from motorcycle exhaust. There are some things you can put in place, to minimize the risk of cinder rising up beyond a certain point, while still allowing heat and smoke to escape. Treatment sprays, special logs to burn every so often, I also considered something like really thin bong water, but figured it would take vacuum. Maybe thats it, Bong-B-Q Home Vacuum Smoker.
hard-scrabble, Jul 01 2012

       I think I get it... unless this one is metaphorical.
UnaBubba, Jul 02 2012

       Nah.... Well, only in the sense that the wood stove is on most points of comparison, like the fire box of a meat smoker. But, those actual things, no esoteric meaning.
hard-scrabble, Jul 02 2012


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