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Microwave charcoal gasifier

Instead of the long process of heating up the wood with smokey fire
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pashute, Aug 17 2012

Home Solar Charcoal Distiller [pashute, Aug 17 2012]


       Commercially produced charcoal is made in kilns or retorts- no" smoky fires" involved. The traditional way of making charcoal in turf- banked heaps is now rare, and generally carried out more as a demonstration of an ancient craft; it's slow, highly labour intensive, and a lot of the useful volatiles from dry distillation of wood just go to waste.   

       How exactly would microwaving be better?
8th of 7, Aug 17 2012

       The microwave goes "PING"?
baconbrain, Aug 18 2012

       Is this not making sows' ears from silk purses? Microwave energy is expensive energy, compared to wood and charcoal.
spidermother, Aug 18 2012


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