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Location Based 2 Factor Authentication

Yes that's a phone in my pocket
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The move to 2-factor is accelerating, with many sites now requiring you to enter the code they sent to your phone.

Certainly preferable to passwords, but if I'm sitting right next to my computer, and the phone is in my pocket -- and if, like many if not most -- I'm actually always working in just such a setup -- would be convenient if the phone, having received such a code, notified the PC it's right next to, so that you wouldn't have to take it of your pocket, potentially put glasses on, and type 6 to 9 digits in.

Incidentally, WiFi based location is sufficiently advanced (For instance, Magic Leap uses it for location based object placement) that you could know you really are that close to the computer in question. A pin entry on the computer (but a well known pin) could guarantee that you're not spoofed in some way by someone knowing your number and doing something while "next to you".

theircompetitor, Jun 05 2023

Location-based authentication https://en.wikipedi...ased_authentication
Proposed at least as far back as 2008 [a1, Jun 05 2023]

Is location an authentication factor? https://medium.com/...factor-9ed33d633993
Medium article, 2021 [a1, Jun 05 2023]

THIS shape https://www.nature..../d41586-023-01801-8
First truly single aperiodic tile discovered that can cover an infinite surface without repeating itself. [a1, Jun 05 2023]


       Reasonable original, technologically feasible (as long as the phone can be automatically bumped to a high power state for a few seconds) and it solves a problem. [+]
Voice, Jun 05 2023

       sensible, practical idea, easily implementable with current technology at little cost, would provide immediate benefit to users... - what's this doing on the Halfbakery?
hippo, Jun 05 2023

       You have a point, there is a distinct lack of explosives. I'm changing to [+/-]
Voice, Jun 05 2023

       It's not entirely new idea (links) but I don't know of any existing implementations. The Medium article is pretty good in the sense of discussing it location really can be an authenticatoin factor as well as distinguishing it from an authorization factor.
a1, Jun 05 2023

       Here's how it could work in a stupid way: the sms message is intercepted by the security app on the phone, which parses the number and encodes it as a "squawk" which it broadcasts over the phone's speaker. The mic on the computer is listening out for the squawk and authenticates the user if it hears the correctly encoded number.
pocmloc, Jun 05 2023

       My online bank website asks me to allow my browser to share my location, and won't let me log in unless I accept.
pocmloc, Jun 05 2023

       // My online bank website asks me to allow my browser to share my location, and won't let me log in unless I accept //   

       Does it block you if you're not at a usually known location, or using a VPN that sites you someplace else?
a1, Jun 05 2023

       This is great unless someone's trying to hack your account from the same cybercafe you're in at the time.
21 Quest, Jun 05 2023

       for sure 21, which is why I added the actual WiFi location, which is "accurate enough" to have AR object location.
theircompetitor, Jun 05 2023

       //Does it block you if// I don't know, I haven't ever tried. I don't generally while away my leisure hours experimenting with my online banking login. I am usually more busy counting my carpet offcuts and arranging them in order - I can never decide if they are best sorted by colour, or by length.
pocmloc, Jun 05 2023

       // I can never decide if they are best sorted by colour, or by length //   

       Could you do a matrix thatr incorporates both factors? You might make new discoveries in n-dimensional number and colour spaces.
a1, Jun 05 2023

       This math is well explored, unfortunately. You need to add virtual carpet cutoffs to fill the matrix. But perhaps there is new ground interpreting each place in the cutoff matrix as inherently containing an infinite selection of carpets in probability space with quantized results based on observation and probability.
Voice, Jun 05 2023

       As long as you cut the pieces in THIS shape ... (link) ... all you have to worry about is colouring.
a1, Jun 05 2023

       Don't be rediculous, I don't want to cover a surface! I want to stack them in piles.   

       My friend says I should sort them by manufacturer's batch number. But I didn't always record that information. Is it too late for me to redeem myself?
pocmloc, Jun 05 2023

       // I want to stack them in piles. //   

       Sounds painful.
a1, Jun 05 2023


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