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Logie Baird's Watch

30 Line TV on a wristwatch.
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A wristwatch with a 30x60 dot-matrix display that picks up NTSC, PAL, or SECAM TV broadcasts and converts them into Logie Baird's 30 line TV format. Unlike the 30 line system, the picture is produced by means of a Liquid Crystal Display with a red filter. Imagine, a low-definition television set that runs non-stop for a year on a CR2032 cell! Getting the price down to less than a 5" B&W set would be the next step.
Amishman35, Jun 14 2002

VideoPhone computer wristwatch http://about.eyetap...kly/aa110100a.shtml
"...quite related to Seiko's 1982 wristwatch TV set..." [phoenix, Jun 14 2002]




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