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Login without losing links

For those too oblivious to notice the not logged in message
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Today I tried to post a link, only to realize I hadn't logged in. Once I did log in, the text boxes I filled out were blanked. It wasn't too much trouble to retype, but it should be preventable.

I can think of two ways to solve this. First, clicking the login button records the POST of the link form, and presents it to you on the following page, ready to click OK. Second, leave the OK button for anonymous visitors, but have it direct the user to a login page, where the form is saved in limbo until logging in.

This might also apply to new ideas an annotations. I haven't tested them.

Aq_Bi, Jun 03 2010


       Fair point.   

       I don't like leaving the OK button, but the login procedure could remember the text, I think.
jutta, Jun 04 2010

       Bun from me, as long as it does the same for annotations as well.
Custardguts, Jun 04 2010

       can you log OUT? I never knew.
po, Jun 04 2010

       I don't think I've ever logged out, but every once in a while firefox tosses my cookies, and I have to log in again.
Aq_Bi, Jun 04 2010

       Like Coca-Cola then - dark, sticky, acid, bad for you, and they took the good stuff out eighty years ago ...
8th of 7, Jun 04 2010

       "firefox tosses my cookies"   

       Surely a euphemism?
Twizz, Jun 04 2010


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