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Long Tapering Drawer of Natural Size Selection

Drawer that promotes order according to size
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Long Tapering Drawer of Natural Size Selection is a new type of under desk drawer, most suitable for fitting under a particularly wide table.

Viewed from the front it is about 6 inches deep at one end, gradually tapering to a point at the other end. Running from front to back are a series of upright divisions, with the spaces separating them being halved each time, so that the last one is only the width and depth of a pencil lead.

Now all that needs to be done is to fill it up with all the stuff that lies around on the average desk (mine is like the scene following a plane crash).

Everything should find its own natural place by virtue of width and depth. Six inch dictionary at one end, sewing needles at the other; my collection of dead fies in tiny test tubes somewhere near the right hand side adjacent to the found teeth of small, unknown mammals; and just to the right of the diverse mangled rusty nails I have been collecting for the last few years.

xenzag, Oct 13 2006


       Not a bad idea.
augusta, Oct 13 2006

       This really cries out for art.
shapu, Oct 13 2006

       You could combine this with your Spooky Desk-Hand - the sensor hairs could sense the size of the object, and the hand could place it accordingly.
imaginality, Oct 13 2006


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