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Look! Up In The Sky!

An app that combines multitudes
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(feel free to suggest a different category, but I see this most likely being a cellphone app)

Sometimes I'll see an airplane and go online to ADSB global map to find out what it is. Sometimes I'll see a satellite trail and check Heavens Above to find out what it is. Sometimes I'll see a star or planet or other astronomy object and check any number of astronomy programs to find out what it is.

Same basic action, different website bookmarks or apps for each kind of information. Bah!

Gimme an app that combines all of them. Upon opening, it would display a list of ALL objects above the horizon visible from where you stand (except maybe sun and moon), sorted by brightest/largest/most visible. The list view would give elevation and bearing. A toggle icon would let you flip from list view to sky map view. In either view you could touch any item on screen for a pop-up info box about it.

That's the whole idea - just combining multiple data types onto one list or graphic view. Not very half-baked, is it?

a1, Dec 12 2023

Aircraft https://globe.adsbexchange.com/
[a1, Dec 12 2023]

Astronomy https://skyandteles...eractive-sky-chart/
[a1, Dec 12 2023]

Satellites https://www.heavens-above.com/
[a1, Dec 12 2023]

You might be surprised https://globe.adsbe...&lon=-95.928&zoom=2
At how much real-time tracking is available for military aircraft [a1, Dec 14 2023, last modified Dec 15 2023]

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       Sometimes I will see a jet, or eight, flying in circles overhead filling the sky with their emissions and document them not showing up on radar.   

       What makes you think that everything flying overhead wants to be seen?   

       Yes, you see a lot of things that others don't. I don't know if an app could cover that, at least not in real time.   

       But most of the things I've mentioned in the original write-up are documented, I'm just trying to collect all of the look-up service in one app.
a1, Dec 13 2023

       //you see a lot of things other don't//   

       As true as that statement is, the above observation is not one of them as many others witnessed as well and if you've cared to slow down the snippet of a video I already showed you, then you already have a time stamp of the lack of air traffic displayed at the time my video scrolled down from the circling 'contrails' to the computer screen displaying the lack of radar signature shown to the public.   

       Or do you think I am computer savvy enough to fake the evidence I've already shown you?   

       Sorry, I don't mean to get into a pissing match I just highly doubt common citizens of anywhere will ever get to learn of everything flying over their heads. I love the idea. (+)   

       I just think it is pipe dream   

       // I already showed you, then you already have a time stamp of the lack of air traffic displayed at the time my video scrolled down from the circling 'contrails' to the computer screen //   

       Yes you did and we've been through this before. Looking out your window at diffuse contrails with no idea of how long ago they had been made, and a blurry picture of your computer screen at a single point in time. Not useful for proving or even disproving anything.   

       When I offered suggestions on how to collect details and do better reporting, you complained you don't have the time.   

       If you can ever do better reporting, I'm interested. But let's take this out of the 'bakery as it doesn't have much (or anything) to do with this specific idea. Email me if you wish.
a1, Dec 13 2023

       I've said my piece.   


       Private conversations, by definition, can change only possibly one opinion.
Public conversations on the other hand can change many.

       You would have just e-mailed me directly if the olive branch itself hadn't been meant to be seen publicly.   

       //ALL objects above the horizon visible from where you stand (except maybe sun and moon)//   

       Hey Bob what's that glowing thing? Is it a UFO?   

       No Kev, I think its the moon.   

       But Bob its moving!   

       No Kev that's the clouds moving in front of it.   

       I dunno Bob, if only there was an app that would prove it one way or the other.   

       Well Kev there is, I have it here on my phone. Look, I'll fire it up, and it will show ALL objects above the horizon visible from where you stand.   

       OK Bob lets look... well it doesn't show any moon there. I reckon you're definitely fibbing. That ain't no moon!
pocmloc, Dec 13 2023

       Do you know of SKY VIEW? It’s an astronomizing app that uses the tablet as a live window on the sphere of the heavens you happen to be in the middle of. If you see something interesting you hold up the tablet in line with it and tap the screen and its orbit, times, and info are revealed. Satellites, moons, stars, nebulae, galaxies, etc are all in the database.   

       My go-to is heavens-above.com for satellite tracking.   

       For aircraft (commercial and private) and shipping (commercial and recreational) there are real-time free sites for tracking and ID. Incorporating all the databases into one app is certainly possible, maybe with levels like Windy. Big app.   

       Note that participation in the shipping and air databases are mostly voluntary even when legally required. Russian oligarchs turn off the location gadgets for their yachts all the time. Military IFF on regular flights can also be disabled, as can any emergency onboard location gizmo. The Darkstar will never show up on a database. You will never get completely accurate tracking data for everything overhead, but I’d settle for whatever is now possible.   

       “Damn, Kev. You’re right. It ain’t no moon! That’s a saucer dropping aliens on the roof of the Walmart! It IS showing up on the app, but it’s being reported as a traffic chopper. Guess everything is under control.”
minoradjustments, Dec 13 2023

       // skyview, heavens-above //   

       Yep, I use both. For aircraft info, I prefer globe.adsbexchange.com - but open to suggestions if anyone knows of a better one.
a1, Dec 13 2023

       The Star Walk app is really good and tells you about satellites, the ISS, stars, planets and moons. I use FlightRadar24 for aeroplane identification. Both of these allow you to point your phone or iPad at the sky to identify something.
hippo, Dec 13 2023

       //[2 fries] Sometimes I will see a jet, or eight, flying in circles overhead filling the sky with their emissions and document them not showing up on radar// - What do you mean 'not showing up on radar'? Do you mean they're not detectable by radar, or you don't see them in publicly-available flight data?
hippo, Dec 13 2023

       //What do you mean by 'not showing up on radar'?//   

       [a1] would rather not discuss this on his posting so I will redirect you to my 'Just thought you should know' post where if you look at the 'earlier today' link you can see the video of jets flying overhead with no radar signatures on the FliteRadar24 site. Location Grand Forks.
No flights overhead, just lotsa contrails.

       Thank you, [2 fries],that's very considerate of you.
a1, Dec 14 2023

       Reading the first paragraph I was hoping you could see how many other people are looking at the same thing at the same moment. A moment of unspoken companionship with a stranger..
Voice, Dec 14 2023

       //flying overhead with no radar signatures on the FliteRadar24 site// - ah, that’s very different from what you originally said. Nearly all aeroplanes have transponders. Not all of these can be read by the network these commercial services have access to. Some of the remaining flight data is withheld at the request of the owner of the aeroplane (e.g. some government and military flights). So when a flight doesn’t show up on one of these services it’s because the data’s unavailable or has been withheld for boring security reasons rather than because of some dark conspiracy. Not an exciting explanation or one that gets clicks on YouTube but there you go.
hippo, Dec 14 2023

       // That ain't no moon //   

       cue Obi-Wan: It's a space station.   

       Fabulous idea, [a1]. Have a bun. The data is out there in a variety of places; pull it all together into a single app. And if something just flew over and it doesn't show up online it's still real, and we can formulate ideas about why it didn't broadcast its existence. Sneaky bastards flying around in electronic darkness, ought to be rounded up, grounded and made to wait in rush hour traffic.   

whatrock, Dec 15 2023

       It's a bird! It's a plane!
RayfordSteele, Dec 16 2023


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