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lying lie detector test app

push button buzzer lie detector app
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That's my story & I'm stickin' to it!

It's admirably frustrating. As if my child has heard the story of the Spartan child who stole a fox, hid it in his shirt, was caught, but let the fox claw out his stomach before deigning to admit to a crime. (Oddly, I think he was a Spartan heroic figure)

The fact that the boy's lie killed him is worrisome to me. I tried to explain the concept, but it seems I fail.

I think if I had a fake phone lie detector app, if I used it only when I was certain I was being lied to, I could have some sort of resolution to some things.

- have you ever said a bad word?

--yes (at least I hope he'd say yes, 'cause I've heard a couple)

If yes, hit space bar on phone - or Y box (I have no idea how Iphones work) & a bell rings while the screen flashes green.

-did you steal Mr. Pynopoles's fox?

--No! I don't know what you're talking about!

(You can see Mr. P's fox right there in his shirt!)

The shift button makes the phone buzz angrily and flash a red blinking light.

A-HA! So, you lie. Why?...

Zimmy, May 12 2010


       Placebodium Pentappthol.   

       As a joke, this would be quite good. As a way of lying to your children --I agree with [21_Quest]: the simplest lies are the safest.
mouseposture, May 12 2010

       Perhaps if you had a real lie detector test, but pretended it was a fake one? "No I did not eat any of that chocolate cake! Mum, what's that beeping on your phone? whenever I say that?" "Oh, don't worry son, it's the fake lie detector I got off the halfbakery. It beeps at random intervals. There's no way it could be responding to your denial of cake-theft since it is a fake programme you see."
pocmloc, May 12 2010

       Ah! 21Quest. A valid point you & others bring up.   

       So, then, I must resort to my doctered up compus, I guess.   

       Is this the history of Western civilizatipon or what?   

       --you know I don't believe when you crack those red eggs anymore, mom!   

       In fact, I'm offended by the entire production!
Zimmy, May 16 2010


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