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Look up at the time!

Mini digital clock fixed under the visor of caps
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I've recently become very aware of my visor being in my peripheral vision when I'm wearing a cap. I've also noticed that you can actually focus on it for a few seconds, just long enough to, say, glance at the time. Would be really cool to have a little digital clock attached there, horizontally concealed in the visor. Could perhaps be lit up using a sensor attached at the base of the visor that get activated when your brow lifts up to look at the time.

Would be really slick if someone asks you for the time, and you just glance up (as if you were thinking) and *poof!* why its exactly 4:26pm. May I buy you a drink.

shinobi, Sep 05 2006


       Reminds me of Marshall Bravestarr, a cartoon I watched in the 80's. He had a cowboy hat with a flip-down visor that was a seethrough data display.
hypergiaphobia, Sep 05 2006


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