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Lordly Vortex

An alternative to banning inherited titles
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Rather than banning inherited titles we cut a deal: "they" get to keep the castle, the Rolls, the titles, etc. but once a month they lose it all for 24 hours and trade places with a commoner chosen at random.

Although "Royal Raffle" and "Royal Family Lottery" are similar ideas, the "Lordly Vortex" has the advantage of drawing on a larger populace so there are more people getting sucked into the vortex.

lingamish, Jun 30 2006


       I can see this being more of a hassle for the commoner than for the royal; if you had a life, that life could be disrupted by the uninvited publicity, the logistics of getting to & from the castle, etc. The royal just gets to dress up as someone else for a day, without any of their real problems (long-term economic insecurity, etc.) It's all a bit too much like reality TV for my liking.
pertinax, Jun 30 2006

       For actually searching to see if this had been done here before I grant thee one boon, er...bun.   

       Isn't this really the same as The Prince and the Pauper?
xandram, Jun 30 2006

       I was really hoping for a vortex generator to make you more lordly.. darn.
javajean, Jun 30 2006

       Do the wives of Lords automatically become Ladies ?   

       What I mean is: if you won the lottery, wouldn't a load of people related to that title also lose theirs for the day - and your family take them on ?   

       And if you (or your wife) gave birth that day, would you have to give back your baby's title the next day?   

       ...If you got the Duchy of Cornwall (the Lordly-Vortex equivalent of 'euro-millions'), could you give all the land away ? (you may have covered this in the 'they get to keep' small print above)
monojohnny, Jun 30 2006

       If I had my wish, the Lordly Vortex would also have sound effects:   

       Shlooooop: When you're taken. Chuboing: When you land in the new environment.
lingamish, Jul 04 2006

       1,000 yeas is a bloody long time to overturn the Norman Conquest, but I guess it had to happen sooner or later.
DrCurry, Jul 04 2006

       Hey, I was just starting to enjoy it.
normzone, Jul 06 2006


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