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Louvre Timer

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It's a kitchen timer, as you might use in a kitchen. Twisting the top half winds the mechanism to the desired time, and it ticks away until the mark reaches zero and a bell is rung. A common kitchen timer.

What sets the Louvre Timer apart is that underneath its clear plastic exterior are a series of coloured stripes that can overlap each other. They are connected to the ticking mechanism in such a way that if the bell has not yet rung, the whole timer appears green; post-ringing, the timer appears red.

The overall effect is that a multitasking cook can, at a glance and from some considerable distance, ascertain if the timer has yet rung or not.

mitxela, Oct 05 2015

Similar. http://www.aliexpre...1010208.8.76.VYRr80
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 05 2015]


       (+) Here's one you can use until you build yours. [link]   

       Mrs. Maxwell Buchanan has something similar. It's a saucepan from which smoke billows when a critical time has been exceeded.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 05 2015

       Personally I'd be happier with less.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 05 2015

       Ha, MB. Ha.
blissmiss, Oct 05 2015

       I live to amuse. At least that was the verdict at my last career review.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 05 2015

       Stoves should come equipped with overhead smoke alarms which turn off the stove.
4and20, Oct 06 2015

       I think the time should be indicated by the number of moiré stripes (apropos of which, I'd like to see a reworked version of the musical "Oliver!" in which the eponymous orphan hero asks "Please sir, may I have some moiré?")
hippo, Oct 06 2015

       I really like this idea, and believe it should be baked.
Voice, Oct 07 2015


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