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A catalogue of embarrassing behaviours that you can browse and then opt to receive a notification when you do that thing, without judgement but out of love. No judgement but it would be right for you to stop doing this.
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So there's a catalogue of things such as:

body odour hypocritical needs to spend money more wisely wastes their money be told when you do something that is none of your business

That you can pick.

You can then be notified when you do one of these things, potentially anonymous.

The idea is to be loving but righteous.

chronological, Sep 15 2023


       My wife has provided me this service almost as long as we’ve known each other. Couldn’t you just ask your own nearest and dearest to do the same for you, without having to pay a stranger?
a1, Sep 17 2023

       //Couldn’t you just ask your own nearest and dearest to do the same for you, without having to pay a stranger?//   

       <obligatory> oo-err
pocmloc, Sep 17 2023

       [pocmloc] - huh? what?
a1, Sep 17 2023

       In some cases, [a1], there may be a Catch-22 situation.
pertinax, Sep 17 2023

       Can't buy me love, everybody tells me so.
a1, Sep 18 2023

       No but, given this idea, it could buy some useful information about traits that make you unlovable, so that you can change them.
pertinax, Sep 18 2023

       I wanted to clarify, that this isn't something you pay for.   

       The service is an open catalogue of embarrassing behaviours that people don't like or want to be examples of.   

       Part of the community/service is being tipped off when you do them, without judgement.
chronological, Sep 22 2023

       When I was younger, I thought everyone was like me and wanted to know when they were making mistakes so they could stop. I also thought it is seen as more respectful not to tell minor lies just to make them feel better. Now I know I have the choice of lying to people or being seen as disrespectful.   

       How am I? I'm fine, because that makes you feel better. How is the service? It's fine, because you don't actually care. How old do you look? Come on. The world is not all sunshine and rainbows and pretending it is may let you maintain that pink fog of illusion you wrap your head in but why, why do we even bother? Things can be made actually better if we just stop lying to ourselves and everyone around us.   

       Let's replace the pink fog of lies with a cloak of hearty "We're all in this together, and when it sucks we can pull harder. There are beasts to slay and mountains to climb. Arise!"
Voice, Sep 22 2023

       // You can then be notified when you do one of these things, potentially anonymous. //   

       How does that work? Users opt-in to have their behaviour remotely monitored all the time?
a1, Sep 22 2023

       AIs tasked with observing us and only reporting on specific actions? That couldn't possibly ever go wrong in any way so let's try it.
Voice, Sep 22 2023

       It would be your social network or family probably.
chronological, Sep 22 2023

       // your social network or family //   

       Not who, but how? I mean, how does someone in "your social network or family" know of something embarrassing you did if it didn't happen right in front of them? And if they were present for the faux pas, why devise any notification system other than them taking you aside and gently telling you about it?
a1, Sep 22 2023

       //I thought everyone was like me//   

       Ouch. Yes. Big mistake.
pertinax, Sep 22 2023


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