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Kindness network

A web based or app based social Network with local good people and exchange kindness reciprocally.
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It would be nice to find out people who are linked to me that I can be kind to and they can reciprocally be kind back.

Someone is struggling and needs help, what do they do?

I am thinking of poor people could be accessible through an app and donatable and supportable.

Even if it's volunteering a service to a poor service, you can save them an expense by doing something for them or collecting their shopping.

We could encourage reciprocality by allowing reviews to be left when someone is reciprocal.

You could engage with someone and say "I ate a vegetarian meal" and they could reciprocate.

I "recycled my clothes or unneeded packaging today" and someone could reciprocate.

I bought a homeless person food.

chronological, Dec 10 2022

reciprocating engine https://en.wikipedi...eciprocating_engine
[pertinax, Dec 11 2022]


doctorremulac3, Dec 11 2022

       How important is the element of reciprocation, as distinct from "paying it forward"?
pertinax, Dec 11 2022

       (+)... as someone who was raised amongst the needy, there comes a point where it becomes more advantageous to 'be' needy than it is to work towards goals... and it is not to be encouraged as it will be extensively exploited!   

       We do what we can, not what we can get away with.   

       Virtue Signalling is a de-centralised peer-to-peer version of this.
pocmloc, Dec 11 2022

       Baked; generally known as 'a neighbourhood'.   

       Few of us seem to live in a functioning 'neighbourhood' these days, yet that is the original 'kindness network', usually managed by Grannies who may or may not be associated with a local centre of worship or other service club. Think of 'the Aunties' (not necessarily blood relations) you all know and love from your days growing up on the reserve: your mitts would get wet playing in the snow, so you'd stop in at Aunty's house, she'd give you a fresh cookie* and a new pair of knitted mitts and send you back out to play.   

       *Or BandAid™, drink of water, Kleenex™, listening ear (about Butch the Bully), shovel and help to hide the body
Sgt Teacup, Dec 11 2022

       it’s a wonderful idea except for the fact that they’ve turned the word * kindness* Into a buzzword! How I can’t stand buzzwords…
xandram, Dec 12 2022

       Your kindness score has increased by 7 points in the last 24 hours! Click [+] on 3 random ideas to get a bonus kindness point!
pocmloc, Dec 13 2022


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