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Low Attention Span Room

Because most movie-goers seem to suffer from this.
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A room in the theatre that show random, unconnected images on a big screen, and plays a soundtrack of constant background chatter, punctuated with the odd loud, attention grabbing noise (an explosion or something). In this way those who come to the threatre to noisely eat popcorn and yammer with their friends can do so without bothering those who come to watch the film. Perhaps also the snack stalls could forceably redirect all those who buy a XL popcorn bucket into here.
mcscotland, Apr 03 2001

For mrthingy http://zapatopi.net/afdb.html
An Effective, Low-Cost Solution To Combating Mind-Control [thumbwax, Mar 25 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Apparently cinemas make more money from popcorn than selling tickets in the UK so this idea might actually catch on. I think you could acheive the desired effect by playing Battlefield Earth in a loop.
Aristotle, Apr 03 2001

       I think this is a very interesting . . . oh, look aluminum foil!
mrthingy, Mar 25 2002

       Sorry, what was the question again?
DrBob, Mar 25 2002

       I thought this was going to be a sound-proofed room for stupid people who need to be continually informed what is going on in the film.
This being a bugbear of mine, I had intended to post an idea on this (something along the lines of mandatory IQ testing for cinema goers). Then I went and saw Monsters, Inc. I was surrounded by pre-schoolers. Not once was the phrase "And who's he?" uttered. So the solution is either:

       a) make simpler films; or
b) do not allow anyone over the age of 7 into the cinema.

       Further digression: when I went to see "The Man Who Wasn't There" I was asked by the ticket-lady "You do know this is in black and white, yeah?" I was flabbergasted that they have to ask that question. So I asked her why. She said that it was because they have had walkouts and refund demands from people who want - no, need - colour. It's almost enough to make you vote Tory.
calum, Mar 25 2002

       I thought THIS was the low attention span room
thumbwax, Mar 25 2002

       you could have a 'low intentions spa room' where couples go to make out.
etherman, May 05 2004


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