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Lunar Poop Catapult

Solid waste processing for the Moon colony
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While sitting on the throne reading the Daily Lunacy a moon citizen makes poop.

The poop goes to an accumulator, and when the accumulation reaches a specific mass it is compacted. The attached catapult (to be designed by [8th]) launches the desiccated, compacted brown mass into lunar orbit, to whiz around and around with all its previously-launched fellow poop blobs in much the same manner as Terran space trash. Upon random re-entry the poop will be distributed much like farm manure.
whatrock, Jun 26 2020


       He's envisioning it orbiting the moon in a degrading orbit that eventually see's it hit the surface, presumably as part of some long term moon terraforming project.   

       I think it's more likely to have its orbit perturbed by the earth each pass until it eventually breaks orbit & slingshots off into the great black yonder or gets captured by the earth's gravity & achieves reentry to the wrong object though.   

       But I'm no physicist & can't be bothered to work out the orbital mechanics.   

       Admittedly that's mostly because I wouldn't know how to.
Skewed, Jun 26 2020


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