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Lung powered Generator

Using kinetic movement of lungs to generate power
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To power the various added features of the body (pace maker, nerve stimulator's...) one could use the breathing movements to produce a modest electrical gain.

1. Piezo electric wires that attach at some points where the most stretching would occur. Maybe the diaphragm

2. fluid transfered between two sacks that have a 2 way mini turbine

3. I dunno

lostmind, Sep 19 2007

Similar idea. http://www.patentst...94-description.html
Every time I read the word piezo I become so hungry for pie. [bungston, Sep 19 2007]

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       Ya, only works when your breathing. I guess that rules out any time your not breathing like, DURING A HEART ATTACK.
F_R_O_G, Sep 20 2007

       Catheter Turbine?
the dog's breakfast, Sep 20 2007

       Just use an artificial blood pump in place of the heart. You can use turbines in the aorta to generate power. Eternal life! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!
GutPunchLullabies, Sep 20 2007

       Sorry [GutPunchLullabies] That would be a perpetual exsanguination machine.
the dog's breakfast, Sep 20 2007

       Why not just jack straight into the heart? Using a turbine.
Noexit, Sep 20 2007


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