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Lithium-ion battery in Compact Flash I/II form factor

Small, yet perfectly formed.
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Many devices use lithium-ion packaged batteries that are fairly close to the size of a Compact Flash card.

We propose a standard Lithium-ion 3.6V package that is an exact fit in the CF I or II form factor.

This would have many adavantages; batteries could be charged in any CF slot, be it in a desktop or notebook pc, in a camera, or in an MP3 player, or via USB (with an adaptor).

The battery could be interrogated by the host to determine its health, via a standardised interface.

Batteries could be easily swapped between devices.

One spare charged battery would be sufficient for numerous diverse devices in an emergency.

On the downside, manufacturers would no longer be able to charge outrageous prices for cheap little secondary power cells just because they've got a "proprietary interface".

8th of 7, Sep 14 2011

FLASH, BANG WALLOP! http://lyricsplaygr...ashbangwallop.shtml
"Hat blown off in a cloud of smoke ..." [8th of 7, Sep 15 2011]


       Unlikely to ever happen for the same reason laptop batteries are not standardized (despite nearly all using the same 18650 cells inside).
mitxela, Sep 14 2011

       Do computers still have compact flash readers? What if I put a battery in my camera's CF memory slot by mistake?
DIYMatt, Sep 14 2011

       // didn't assimilate Windows Vista //   

       We haven't Assimilated any of Microsoft's offerings - we know a trap when we see it. Besides, the gold leaf comes off the dog turds very easily ...   

       // What if I put a battery in my camera's CF memory slot by mistake? //   

       Choose from either (a) nothing, or (b) <link>
8th of 7, Sep 15 2011


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