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Lyric précis

... on your MP3
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We all know about kissthisguy.com, but what if you'd quite like to know what they're singing on your MP3 player, but without the 'na na na na na na na'?

Cue the lyrical précis. Get the lyrics for your track. Feed them to a summarising engine. Put the result in an ID3 tag (like UNSYNCEDLYRICS). Now you can read the summary on your portable player without scrolling around and more importantly, without an internet connection.

One way of doing this would be with a lyrics plugin like Evillyrics, hooked up to an autosummarizer like Copernic. Some kind of optimisation for lyrics would be needed, like separating out the chorus, removing repetitions, filtering out grunts, cries etc (unh, yeah, shamon!). The summary then goes in the UNSYNCEDLYRICS tag transferred with the track onto your portable player, which would need an update to display the contents of the tag.

Taking this a step further, summarise the lyrics down to concept level (Copernic does this) and use the concepts instead of genres to browse your collection or create playlists e.g.: more songs about buildings and food.

fatgriller, Nov 23 2009

Kiss this guy http://www.kissthisguy.com/
[fatgriller, Nov 23 2009]

Summariser http://www.copernic...mmarizer/index.html
[fatgriller, Nov 23 2009]

ID3 tag definitions http://help.mp3tag.de/main_tags.html
[fatgriller, Nov 23 2009]


       I was thinking more on a track level, like Evillyrics with an autosummarizer.   

       Summary: I am a rock star. We wanna start a fight. Concepts: rock star, fight Playlist: Top ten songs about fighting
fatgriller, Nov 24 2009

       Well, if that's your idea, then there's a flaw: no program could accurately summarise the lyrics in the way you want them to; it would just cut out most of the verses and you'd be left with a maimed list of disconnected words. It couldn't possibly be intelligent enough to actually find meaning in all of those words and summarise appropriately. Not accurately, at any rate. You'd get some quite hilarious results.
Angua, Nov 24 2009

       Works OK with Copernic Summarizer, if you take out the chorus repetitions first. Just some optimisation needed (ignore concept: wanna).   

       Summarisers don't use any deep semantic analysis - not even humans can do that on most lyrics.
fatgriller, Nov 24 2009

       //Dylan: wars are passe//   


       For the idea, I think you'd need something to pick up melodies if all you've got is "na na na's" in order to make this work.
Zimmy, Nov 25 2009

       Idea updated to include further explanation, and an acute accent. Unabubba might want to use it for the Dylan summary.
fatgriller, Nov 26 2009

       I'm not sure that this would be very accurate. Not only are many lyrics rather abstract but how would this summariser deal with ironic or surreal lyrics? Songs are about more than just the words.

//We all know about kissthisguy.com//

Well, not until you posted a link we didn't.
DrBob, Nov 26 2009

       It works best on repetitive lyrics. Here's what it made of Smooth Criminal, after filtering out exclamations (Hoo, Aaow) and deleting repeated sentences:   

       Summary: - Are You OK, Annie Annie Are You OK? - So, Annie Are You Ok, Are You Ok, Annie? - (Will You Tell Us That You're OK?) - Okay, I Want Everybody To Clear The Area Right Now!   

       Concepts: Annie, Struck, Bedroom, Carpet, Bloodstains, Apartment, Crescendo, Window, Dad, Doom, Baby, Hit, Mouth.   

       So it's not 'Eddie are you walking?' after all, and it's another one for the Top Ten Fight Songs playlist.
fatgriller, Nov 26 2009


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