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M1919 Browning Garden Watering System

Part of the Home, Sweat Home project.
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The recent success of the Home, Sweat Home product range has prompted yet another fine instrument, designed to use maximum human effort for a mundane task.
Customers have displayed a special leaning to themed products and services. In a major shift away from the successful “Greek Mythology” range, but still in keeping with the obvious need for physical difficulty, RolandCo introduces a new theme. World Wars.

The first product in the range is the M1919 Browning garden watering system. A fully functional watering system in the likeness of one of the greatest, and long serving, machine-guns of all time. A 20l capacity “ammunition” box contains the water to be fed, through a belt-like hose to the machine “gun”. The pressuring mechanism, resembling the chamber unit of the machine gun houses a powerful electric pump, powered by the 5kg battery pack carried by the gunner. A valve allows for brief spurts of water, whilst the trigger is depressed, giving you a realistic machine gun recoil effect. The barrel has multiple settings for “soak”, “jet”, “mist”, etc.

Go on! Take your position in the battlefield. Saturate an entire Panzy division. Mow down those Jerry-aniums. Don’t let the Japanese Orange blossoms gain another inch of your beach-head. It’s not nice, but hey, this is drench warfare.

The kit weighs approx. 15kg excluding battery packs and ammo box, it is sold with two “ammunition” box water cans, and two battery packs. Let the kids run more ammo, and batteries out to your “position”. It has the same “Eas-E-Klik” storing mechanism as the other RolandCo garden implements hanging from the rafters in your Shed of Damocles.

“10-4 Eagle 1, Aga-Panthers two clicks south-southwest.”

4whom, Jan 12 2008

Said Browning http://i155.photobu.../M1919Browning4.jpg
[normzone, Jan 13 2008]

Said upgrade http://navy-matters...mages/phalanx1b.jpg
Wash the cars? Probably repark them with it. [normzone, Jan 13 2008]

Parent idea Home_2c_20Sweat_20Home
[4whom, Jan 16 2008]

Water tank http://en.wikipedia...cannon_p1200848.jpg
[Voice, Sep 18 2008]


8th of 7, Jan 12 2008

       Of course you can [UB], but the rotation of the turret and the elevation of the barrel, are controlled by manually operated cranks, to maintain the required physical exertion aspect. The bigger turrets are generally only available for large estates such as the Buchanan lands, due to the immense cost. Of course only the Head Groundskeeper's wife, and perhaps the Lady of the House, might get to enjoy the benefits.
4whom, Jan 13 2008

       The worries of Air Supply to the turret can be mitigated by the clever incorporation of an MP3 player. Water, however, may still need to be dispensed to these tourrette's via a fire hydrant system, then of course we have to worry about Lord Max's Courgi's.
4whom, Jan 15 2008

       Well he still seems to be around and breathing, so obviously he has not roused The Phantom Troll-Eater Of The Antipodes from his lair ..... yet.
8th of 7, Jan 15 2008

       You had me with the 3rd paragraph, pure genius.
Germanicus, Jan 15 2008

       [bigsleep] this is my second submission to the Home, Sweat Home project. I presumed if the idea is in keeping with the parent idea's philosophy that [UB] will allow additions.
4whom, Jan 16 2008

       (+) //Drench warfare//   

       Will I get a discounted price if I buy two?   

       Then I can teach Mike Jr. how to increase rate of fire while I'm reloading. (Gotta keep them guns talking!)
MikeD, May 31 2008

       Ten annotations, and not one about the Shed of Damocles. Obviously not everyone feels the sword of domestication hanging over their head as the go about removing the high pressure hose to unclog gutter downpipes. Sigh!   

       And no! No discounts, you are lucky we are not demanding your pots and pans to forge these weapons. It is wartime!
4whom, May 31 2008

       as long as I can plug a hose into it and put it on the tripod.
FlyingToaster, May 31 2008


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