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MAGLEV casters

caster wheel improved with magnets.
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caster wheels in their currentincarnation piss me off. hey always get stuff stuck in the axles (both of them), and then make it impossible to turn, strafe, or generally maneuver carts like they were intended to.

these wheels would have a hole in the middle significantly larger than their axes. they would be made of magnets formed so that the polarity of the outer edge opposed the inner edge. the axes would be of similar design, with polarity on the outside being the same as the inside of the wheels, and opposite their centers. a similar design would be given to the vertically-oriented spinner-parts. the result is a wheel which will not get junk caught in it because there is a sizeable space betwen the wheel and the axle, improved shock absorbsion (a great boon for those large or poorly-balanced loads), and much easier maneuvering. the one downside is almost no retarding force cause major damage with a heavily laden cart if you don't hang onto it, and parking on even the slightest grade is impossible.

nick_n_uit, Apr 07 2001


       Magnetic bearings pretty much require active control, and that means expensive equipment and powered electromagnets, and that means a power source of some kind.   

       Magnetic bearings with a large gap require immensely strong magnets, so up the power requirements even further, and watch out for your pacemakers and implants...
egnor, Apr 07 2001

       strafe is also a commonly used term in first-person shooters meaning simply to move sideways. although i've had my share of days in which the definitions you've found would be desireable.
nick_n_uit, Apr 08 2001


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