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MRI Microwave Oven

Perfect Microwaving Every Time
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This idea is to combine a hospital MRI machine, a computer, and a microwave oven for perfect cooking each time.

Here's how it works. The food is put in the microwave oven, and then it is scanned to determine its shape and what it is made of including moisture content.

Since areas of food that contain more water cook faster (see any of a number of articles explaining microwave cooking), the MRI scan could create a 3D model in the computer that would then control the microwave.

Directional microwave signals could be sent to the dryer parts of the food with greater intensity to assure even cooking.

A library of food component profiles would exist in the computer to be used to determine when something is "cooked". (or "baked" as the case may be).

zigness, Feb 16 2004

My take on this http://www.halfbake...wave_20spectrometer
[RobertKidney, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       ...which would then assuage any potential guilt about eating the animal in the first place. "Poor thing was doomed, you can see it right here on the MRI."
krelnik, Feb 16 2004

       Pass the kidney stones, would you dear?
thumbwax, Feb 16 2004

       I gave my love the bird, a bird of finger flat,
My love didn't give an ass, an ass of a rat.
FarmerJohn, Feb 17 2004

       I can't believe this one got fishboned... I guess I should have looked at the MRI when I put it in to be baked... I might have noticed the bones.
zigness, Feb 21 2004

       If you had thought to look in product:microwave you would have found a very similar idea by me. If you click on it you will find a link at the bottom to an idea by [arora] which is in food:temperature.   

       Funny old world, eh?
RobertKidney, Feb 22 2004

       Yeah, but an MRI can determine density, not just temp.
zigness, Feb 22 2004

       // Directional microwave signals could be sent to the dryer parts of the food //   

       Seems a bit impossible, considering the wavelength of microwave radiation. Also I'm sure there are some function-prohibitive cross-technologies at work here.
waugsqueke, Feb 22 2004

       I think you could determine density using the spectroscopy resluts, a table of densities and a powerful enough computer, although I'm not entirely sure.
RobertKidney, Feb 22 2004


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