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Monorail that travels on Möbius Strip track
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This is an elevated rail which can be simultaneously traversed by two trains heading in opposite directions. The track is slightly twisted so that the train travels along it in a helical motion. The cabin of the train must always stay level to the ground, so the connection between the train and the track is mediated by linkers that rotate around the longitudinal axis of the train.
Cuit_au_Four, Mar 26 2016


       And the supports for that track, such that the track is held up in the air, are attached to the rail how? If multiple sides of the rail are getting used for trains moving in opposite directions, where is the support-connection?
Vernon, Mar 26 2016

       The supports for the track have to extend outwards from the "side" of the rail; that is, the part of the rail that is halfway between the positive and negative face of the Mobius strip, if that makes sense.   

       The track is directly supported by steel cables that are themselves anchored to the support helix. The support helix is a helix of larger diameter that winds around the outside of the twisted rail, but is phase shifted by a quarter turn. The support helix, in turn, is anchored into the ground by metal posts.
Cuit_au_Four, Mar 26 2016

       If a train runs on both sides, how do the trucks work? Presumably they capture the track rail like a rollercoaster? But rollercoasters capture the track rail on 3 sides, and so they would not be able to pass eachother.
RayfordSteele, Mar 26 2016

       Illustration, please.
Canuck, Mar 27 2016

       If the track is like a Mobius strip, 2 trains heading in opposite directions will eventually collide head-on.
CraigD, Mar 28 2016


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