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MacGuffin Dog Shelter

Take a stray MacGuffin home and write a story about it.
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On a busy road today, we picked up a cardboard box containing a fancy-looking microphone in a cage, some marker pens and a pair of water wings. We left a message at the phone number that went with the address on the box, but the lack of packaging beyond the box itself suggested that the dropper of these items, maybe off the tray of a ute, was not the original addressee of the box itself.

The mic beeps sadly and shows blue LEDs - but we don't know what it might do if it got out of the cage.

Anyway, this material clearly needs a story written about it, so it should be possible to post it to a dedicated website, where a writer with writer's block could go and pick it out (or pick out a different one) and get a story moving.

pertinax, Jun 04 2023

MacGuffin https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MacGuffin
[pertinax, Jun 04 2023]


       [pertinax], so the idea could be described in a less fanciful way as “A website the offers writing prompts?”   

       Completely unrelated to your idea… I used the term MacGuffin in conversation last week and was surprised the person I was chatting with was unfamiliar with it - and here you are posting about it. This fits a peculiar pattern many people see, where a word or concept occurs comes up one day, and then they see some reminder of it a short time later. That itself might prompt a story about probabilities and selective attention.
a1, Jun 04 2023

       //could be described in a less fanciful way//   

       Not really, because that's only one side of the operation. The other side is the sourcing of those prompts. If this website were just what you said, then an actual dog shelter would be a pet shop or a puppy farm.   

       But it isn't.
pertinax, Jun 04 2023

       // the sourcing of those prompts //   

       And that would be … what? Folks volunteering weird stuff they noticed, that others could use as MacGuffins?
a1, Jun 04 2023

pertinax, Jun 04 2023

       You're not feeling it, I can tell. That's OK.
pertinax, Jun 04 2023

       On the contrary, that bun was from me. I’m just trying to get the shape of the thing.
a1, Jun 04 2023

       I'm not sure I understand. Is this idea strictly caged-mic-related?
Ander, Jun 16 2023

       No. That particular cardboard box full of oddments was just an example.
pertinax, Jun 16 2023


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