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Non stop peer to peer auction system type thing

Do you really need all that stuff?
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I'm thinking Napster but for auctions. Willing parties enter a lsit of all their posessions - even stuff they don't want to sell. Fellow particpants in the global cheapskate community get to bid on the belongings of total strangers. Its like e bay I guess with the difference that you can attempt to buy things off people that they hadn't considered previously selling. Does this make sense? Heck its my first time. Greetings half bakers.
deeman, Jun 28 2002


       I think I'll just stick with my present bumbling method of putting my card on something overpriced that I see. The card states that I admired the item and requests the ultimate purchaser call me when they're ready to sell at yard sale.
reensure, Jun 28 2002

__ toaster that burns bread in the right slot, barely touches bread in the left
__ three Janet Jackson CDs, from the years when she was still using her last name
__ slightly worn green floor-length ballgown with a beer stain on the front
__ silver piggy earrings
__ three shipping crates full of assorted refrigerator magnets
__ a purple phone that emits a loud feedback whine when you put down the receiver
__ my television set
__ high school yearbooks (4)

__ 50 John F. Kennedy half-dollars
__ a sofa
__ twelve cans of custom-mixed semi-gloss off-white paint
__ cordless lighting for inside a child's closet
__ a reception site for my wedding
__ five hundred thousand dollars

       Croissant if anyone comes back with offers on the above, [deeman]. Welcome!
1percent, Jun 28 2002

__ cool 1.25" shiny red ball from an optical logitech trackball
__ nostromo programmable dual analog game pad
__ tiny silver chihuahua charm
__ a mr. gatti's arcade token
__ a green screenprinted michigan state tee
__ an under-desk keyboard drawer
__ a collection of every last color of wallpaper swatch offered by the wal-mart home decorating department
__ a perky-looking petal-chi(tm) mcdonald's happy meal toy


__ an rs232 serial to usb converter cable
__ disney's lion king video game for super NES
__ a painted wooden egg
__ a buddy jesus(tm) action figure
__ a tie with michael palin's head on it


       Somebody bake this! Quickly! <g>
jester, Jun 28 2002

[ ] Two-port Cybex KVM switch (1)
[ ] Clamp-on swing-arm lamp (1)
[ ] Mature Arbor Vitae (2)
[ ] 5.25" floppies (about 20)

[ ] A deck off the back door
[ ] Shade- and heat- tolerant sod (45 sq. ft.)
[ ] Chiropractic services
[ ] Motherboard for an AMD Duron 750
phoenix, Jun 28 2002

- Motherboard for an AMD Athlon 750 :p
- red plastic clown nose (currently around my neck)
- ~50 music cd jewel cases with liner notes but without cds
- astronaut flight suit
- earring made from small white pencil
- homemade habanero sauce
- smiley face tealight candles


- a feline
- novelty icecube trays
- plane tickets to tropical location
- a copy of Gus Grissom's biography
- LCD monitor
- chocolate
- private island lair
madradish, Jun 28 2002

       Sorry to interrupt the commerce, which is doubtless the kind of trading that made America great. But I have a question. Why would you enter a list of everything you own into a database if you didn't want to sell it? You need a better method of data entry.
pottedstu, Jun 28 2002

       [pottedstu] - maybe we should all HAVE to enter all our possessions' in a big-brother, psuedo communistic for the better of the nation kind of thing.   

       Except that the whole have/not have, buy/sell thing is quite clearly capitalism.   

       This way we all know what every one owns and so we can all get jealous of our neighbours. And steal from them.   

       Have: __ no clue   

       Need: __ handbook pointing out whereabouts of my elbow and rearend
Jinbish, Jun 28 2002

       Have: single sugar packet from Moscow McDonald's (c.1986)
Need: a life

       Why would you attempt to buy something that isn't for sale?
waugsqueke, Jun 28 2002

       every man has his price.
po, Jun 28 2002

       Reason for the idea is I'm selling everything I own on e bay - due to, oh you know, the usual - and its taking some time.
deeman, Jun 28 2002

- Room for rent
- Easton Press leather-bound Presidents series of books

- Roommate who likes cats and dogs and cleans house better than I do (although I'm a great cook!)
- Power cord for my HP ScanJet 3300C (it's funny what you lose when you move....)

       welcome deeman, I have the opposite problem....I spend too much money on e-bay....
runforrestrun, Jun 28 2002

       runforrestrun - do e bay items labelled RARE tempt you?
deeman, Jun 29 2002

       actually, no, most of my *favorite searches* include the word "vintage". Mostly photos, photo postcards, books, and stamps....all with particular themes related to several interests of mine. but, if you e-mail me your e-bay screen name, I will see what you're selling.
runforrestrun, Jun 29 2002

       Tut tut [howard] - that's widely baked.
madradish, Nov 30 2002


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