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Maglev Vehicle Racing

Build it, power it, race it!
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There would be a halfpipe-like Maglev track that's a mile (At least) long. People would build their own aerodynamic vehicles, and then figure out what type of propulsion they would use: Rocket, jet engine, prop, etc. A mile might not be long enough, people could easily top a hundred milesper hour, maybe even two hundred (With a jet or a rocket). Maybe make the track five miles long, hit a turn (A BIG turn, with banked sides, to minimize g-force), have a multiple lane track? Anyway, besides the humungous cost, the chance of someone becoming airborne, and where I could construct a perfectly flat track, what else did I not consider?
Shrimp, Aug 05 2006

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       you've big boots to fill!
po, Aug 05 2006

       the fact that if it caught on it would be the next nascar or indy 500. personally if i was going to do this i would start on a much smaller scale such as maglev skateboarding (more or less a hoverboard powered by magnets) and either a half-pipe or a swimming pool type thing. power it either from generators, your house, or that company whos giving you the money to do this
hyra1, Sep 17 2007


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