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Magnadoodle Notebook

Use Magnadoodle technology to create a notebook or notepad
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This notebook has 5-10 magnetic pages similar to the magnadoodle. We can carry this notebook and write on all those pages. Once all the pages are full, decide on which pages we need,

make photo copies, erase all the pages, and reuse the notebook


scan those pages and save them on computer, erase all pages, and reuse the notebook

concept, Jun 08 2003

How stuff works. Magnadoodle http://www.howstuff...com/question284.htm
Someone else linked this to my color magnadoodle idea, but they seem to have left the party. [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 04 2004]


       (+) from me.
If only it could change colors. (sigh)

       What is magnadoodle?
snarfyguy, Jun 08 2003

       [link] snarfyguy   

       much too practical - no custard, pirates, explosions or cats involved whatsoever. +1 nonetheless.
po, Jun 08 2003

       This can work. I bought a little plastic magnetic drawing board someplace (sorry, can't find a link). It's a thin sheet and allows drawing in dark green or very dark green (depending on the polarity). It reacts to magnets, so designs & patterns can be formed, which remain until encountering another magnetic field. You could write words in large lettering, with a small diameter rod magnet, and make a book of flat sheets of this material, without the pages interfering with each other.
Amos Kito, Jun 08 2003

       An electronic version may be possible using e-paper or oled screen combined with touchscreen technology. Combining the two would get you an artists sketch book with usb port and maybe a gig of storage.
Ouroborus, Jun 01 2006


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