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Magnesium Earrings

More flare than diamonds...about 4000 degrees Farenheit more flare to be precise
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When lit the metal magnesium burns very bright and hot. Some of its uses are for flash photography, flares, and incendiary bombs. Of course the next logical application is for jewelry.

The Magnesium earrings consist of two parts:

1-The actual earring that attaches to the ear via a hook for pierced ears or clip for unpierced ears. I would think that the clip would enable the wearer to get the earring off quicker but the hook would prevent it from falling off easier. This part can come in various designs but I would go with a flame. At the bottom of this would be a long hook that would have hung from it...

2- A ring with a very attractive coil of magnesium wire attached to it. The coil would wind down from the ring to around the neck. Both the ring and earring are made of metals and ceramics that can withstand intense flames and heat.

When lit the flame would last for a short time but the brightness would be worth it as this is an attention getter. A piece of flame retardent material would be recommended to be worn around the neck and this device would only work on people with short hair.

*Note: May light girlfriends on fire.

MrDaliLlama, Jan 22 2005

Sparkler Compositions http://www.pyrocrea...arkler_compositions
Most are made with aluminum not magnesium [MrDaliLlama, Jan 22 2005]

Properties of Magnesium http://pearl1.lanl....ic/elements/12.html
[MrDaliLlama, Jan 22 2005]

Example of Magnesium fire http://www.blazetec...magnesium_fire.html
[MrDaliLlama, Jan 22 2005]


       Well, I got a great idea for a self-destructing computer chip. Too bad about the llame idea that inspired it. ;)
reensure, Jan 22 2005

       i dont know about you buddy, but i dont want to accidentally set my girlfriend on fire on our anniversary when i get her a new pair of earrings. sitck with what you know (obviously nothing to do with jewellery). jackass.
willywilliams, Jan 22 2005

       Sounds like a good accessory for "Burning Man," but I think you should be the one wearing them.
robinism, Jan 22 2005

       In response to [willywilliams] I actually know quite a bit about jewelry since my uncle makes false teeth and also made sterling silver jewelry at one point. I do not however know everything about magnesium and fire proofing. The idea IS for the earring to burn so worries of lighting people aflame would be known before hand.
MrDaliLlama, Jan 22 2005

       accessorise with a locket of water.
po, Jan 22 2005

       //but i dont want to accidentally set my girlfriend on fire on our anniversary//   

       There was no 'accidentally' about it.
Detly, Jan 22 2005

       There are fireworks known as Sparklers. They are used for children because they are safe because they do not burn you when you hold them in your hand. That could be used for these earrings. I think that uses magnesium as well but I'm not sure. The trick to this would be distance.   

       [Willywilliams] Do you have a special reason for being obnoxious and presumptious or are you just plane lacking in the social department?
Susan, Jan 22 2005

       They do indeed use magnesium, but I'm not sure as to what they are mixed with.
Detly, Jan 22 2005

       sparklers are safe for children? don't fink so! they can seriously burn their hands by grabbing the hot end.
po, Jan 22 2005

       After doing a quick internet search the method used to make sparklers is to dip a piece of wire metal into a pyrotechnic substance thus building layers. See link that lists various compositions of sparklers. As for putting out a magnesium fire, water should not be used as it creates hydrogen and in confined areas may result in explosion.
MrDaliLlama, Jan 22 2005

       Sounds like you are learning that there are a few bugs to be worked out in this invention.
robinism, Jan 22 2005

       Yes [po] thats why they advise parental supervision. They are safe in the way that they can hold it by the correct end.
Susan, Jan 22 2005

       Susan - willywilliams is the neighborhood curmudgeon. If he didn't exist here, someone else would have to take it up - probably me, I tend that way. If he's being sarcastic, it's good stuff. If he's earnest, it's still almost as funny.
JungFrankenstein, Jan 22 2005

       A must have accessory for geisha ninjas to momentarily blind an opponent with the flash.   

       Or cut through a padlock...
tiromancer, Jan 22 2005


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