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Magnetic Jigsaw Puzzle

Pieces look the same but just don’t go together
  [vote for,

Watch as pieces spring off the backing or away from each other. See them flip in your hand. Rare earth magnets make this possible.
sartep, Aug 01 2003

http://pericles.ipa...ocess_simple_search check out my patent for a magnetic puzzle by entering '2002313996' into the first field. [xaviergisz, Oct 26 2006]


       I know what mommy is getting for her birthday.
sub_text, Aug 01 2003

       They're called rare because they're not cooked.
DeathNinja, Aug 02 2003

       Exposing a magnet to too much heat makes them lose their charge while at that temperature. So I guess they should not be cooked.
sartep, Aug 02 2003

       Rare earth magnets are made from neodymium, a rare element which is difficult to purify, instead of the usual ferrite magnets, which are primarily iron and boron.
Cedar Park, Aug 02 2003

       Magnet tartare.
thumbwax, Aug 02 2003

       This idea is repulsive. I like it. +
k_sra, Aug 03 2003

       Do you live in punsylvania?
sartep, Aug 03 2003

       clever idea - but I'll have to vote against it because I can't imagine any pastime that would be more annoying than trying to finish one of these.
custardlove, Aug 04 2003

       I s'pose a nonmagnetic 4 piece puzzle would be alot less annoying to solve. :P
sartep, Aug 04 2003

       (For the sake of completeness: [Cedar Park], terbium is also a widely used one (terbium iron boron), and cerium (cerium magnesium nitrate), and there are a few others in close proximity that are useful.)
Detly, Jul 13 2004


       Positively like it.   


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