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Magnetic Pool

Ad some magnetic disturbance to the pool game
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The idea is to place a powerful electro-magnet at the center of the Pool table. By using only "magnetic cue balls", you will have to play the same game but having in mind that the trajectory of your ball might be affected by the magnetic field. If your ball is completely attracted by the magnetic spot, the next player pushes a button that disconects the power for his next shot.
budin, Jan 09 2002


       what about magnetic soccer. sorry to highjack your idea somewhat but you could have a highly magnetised football so that one side attracts and the other side repells and the players have magnets in the boots. that might make the game more surreal.
po, Jan 09 2002

       Ah, so we *finally* find out what [PeterSealy] does at work all day.
phoenix, Jan 10 2002

       po]: That's a good expression for posting (unsolicited) modifications to the idea, "hijack." I am prone to hijacking ideas.
bristolz, Jan 10 2002

       Wouldn't all those electromagnets make you sterile or something ?
gargarax, Jan 10 2002

       The <RL> pinball machine 'Addams Family' had a magnetic randomizer in the middle, when the lightning was flashing, the balls would go nuts.
StarChaser, Jan 11 2002

       Yeah, I recall several real life (is that what <RL> means?) pinball machines with this feature...
snarfyguy, Jan 11 2002

       Some really lame bumper pool tables have a mechanical buzzer that vibrates the table at inconveient times.
xylene, Oct 07 2003

       If you could suspend the balls inside a magnetic field without frying yourself when you tried to play, you might also have a fun game. And a geodesic pool table, of course, but that would have to be worked out separately.
cloudface, Oct 07 2003


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