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Make Money from Your Online TV!

Create, profit, and maintain your own TV Show online. You supply the content, we supply the tools, post-production, traffic, ads, etc.
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I have seen a lot of sites out there that only host videos but I have never seen a place that entices/nourishes the development of new, useful content created by the regular viewing consumer all aggregated together in a straight forward easy way. Why not have a website that caters and entices the creation, maintenance, and distribution of everyone's own TV content (that they make) which ultimately has the chance to grow to become a successfully "profitable" TV series on the website as judged by the viewers also of that site (more details below). Essentially, people supply their video content they make and we handle all the annoying details of TV production, including: distribution, ads, how it is presented, FX, the traffic, etc. This website essentially is an online TV network.

The problem with hosting random video clips that we see everywhere by the regular public is that they have no real direction, or purpose except to say "this is a video clip I did". In other words, Joe-content producer can make a lot of money from their own work if they were just given an incentive (making money) to focus with a purpose!

To entice regular consumers to make quality, direction-oriented content this website provides all kinds of easy management and creation tools online for them to use, including advertisement control (more info below). There is also an online community of free (and pay) material that can be added "directly" to one's own content that is also being hosted there, such as music, pre-made intros, laugh tracks, cartoons, special effects, etc.

This website makes available such tools and actions as:

+ Selling of your own series box-sets: Orders and shipments are managed by this website including box-set cover material and DVD burning. The content owner gets a large slice of each sold material. They didn't have to concern themselves with box art, DVD burning, shipping, customer care, etc. because it is all handled by the website.

+ Advertising control tools: where you sell ad space on your TV space location, or inside the video during playback.

+ Drag/drop special effects and actions into the video that can be mixed automatically by the website into the content: pre-made transitions, sound effects, lighting adjustments, cartoons, etc. This material is made available by our website's creators, or by the online community marketplace of the website (for free or a nominal fee as determined by that material creator).

+ Interactive: a tool to tag visible locations of the moving video so that when users watch the video they can click things they like and the content producer can let it take action, such as launching the browser to let the user buy the clicked item or get more information about it.

+ Neilson rating-like reports to watch how your show is doing at certain periods during the programs viewings, and against other shows.

+ Automatic text Transcript creations and Closed-Captioning for televised episodes.

+ Distribution management, including DRM: where your content is allowed to be seen (which countries) including what ads are shown for certain countries, and things like distribution style: through Bit-Torrent (this website serves as the tracker), Streaming, Downloadable, Email-able.

+ Automatic creation and handling by the website of other video formats such as viewable on PDAs and phones, .MOV, WMV, .MPG, .OGG, and Zipped

+ Online community that can either for free (or fee based) be hired by you and given access to your content (through your management tools) so they can possibly edit your video (such as fixing and adding more professional lighting, etc.) before you make the content available to the public.

+ Management of episodes like descriptions, and short clips (to see what the episode is about before starting it, incl. thumbnail sizes). The website can auto create this or the user can create it him/her-self.


Neilson-like Ratings:

Because there is going to be a lot of bad content there is an enforced Neilson-like rating system based on viewership and personal scores (by the viewing public) of shows. The best will rise to the top through high ratings (and lots of ads), the not-so-good will be threatened to be canceled by the website which will entice producers to keep up-to-date and original.

Central Location Means More Profit For Content Producers:

Benefits include that advertisers now have a central location to advertise onto because of the aggregation of content and viewership which means in the end higher monetary returns for those content producers.

Making Money:

Checks are mailed out (or deposited) to content producers on a monthly basis based on advertisements that we place in their videos, or by the content producers selling space into their videos (or in their space) themselves through their ad management system they have access to. Selling of series box-sets (handled by the website) is another way the content producers make money automatically.

quantass, Sep 29 2005

Google Current http://www.current.tv/
I watch this sometimes without speaking. Over time I have reacted like to many shows past, when the dint of the production began to be one of shame-mongering or overt elicitation of shock or disgust. [reensure, Sep 30 2005]

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       PLEASE feel free to Be BRUTALLY HONEST, and Frank in your comments. I Love and Respect Negative Feedback because they always help. =)   

       To be clear it is an idea where my site will HOST and help grow ANYONE'S videos which ultimately can turn into successful tv shows on the website (the website serves as an online Network). The website provides the TOOLS and ability to make it easy for others to bring their videos to the masses with all the glitz and professionalism that should go into making a successful program, and ultimately make profit from their quality efforts with the least amount of work involved.   

       Initially i am steering more towards making available Tech Shows as the preferred content (and possibly the only category) on the website because there are a lot more nerds/geeks willing to watch online shows (like me :D) than regular couch-potato viewers. And so the bulk of $$ advertisment profit that these content producers make from the website in the beginning will be from tech firms interested in advertising in their content (because of online ratings seen on the website) that they made available because of popular viewership by other techies coming to this website.   

       And then as the website grows it would expand to include other genres/categories of interest by the regular public which would garner more interest from other advertisers outside of tech.
quantass, Sep 29 2005

       =================== START OF COMMENTS ===================
quantass, Sep 29 2005

       pinch me I'm dreaming...
po, Sep 29 2005

       But I don't have an online TV show.
Worldgineer, Sep 29 2005

       LOL! That's the key thing. This is all to ENTICE you (the regular Joe-viewer) to want to make your own tv show because things like FX, laugh tracks, etc are already made easier for you. All you do is have a tv show idea that you've always wanted, tape it it and the rest is done for you by the website. Including mailing out checks from your success. So if you ever had an interest in making your own tv show and making money from it then this would be a good place to start it on. =) Make sense?
quantass, Sep 29 2005

       So I provide you with video content and get $$, nice! How do you pay for all your T lines and servers and all that stuff…here have a biscuit but please don’t call me Frank!
dogzapper, Sep 30 2005

       Thanks! In regards to the server, T Lines, etc the cost could be covered in numerous ways. Since the large portion of the costs would be due to the video transmissions/broadcasts the content creator has a feature in their management tools to decide on the distribution style which would include an option as "Torrents" (peer distribution) or allowing the website to host it directly but have a nominal flat rate taken out from their montly profits that the content creator makes (only when they make a profit, to be fair) from sponsored ads, or the selling of their box-sets (that the website creates/ships and handles).
quantass, Sep 30 2005

       Please forgive me for not reading the novel on the left -- but in less than 5 sentences, is this different than live video internet porn?
theircompetitor, Sep 30 2005

       Most definitely DIFFERENT! Here is a Quick Summary in 2 Sentences:   

       The site will HOST and help grow ANYONE'S videos which ultimately can turn into successful tv shows on the website (the website serves as an online Network). The website provides the TOOLS and ability to make it easy for others to bring their videos to the masses (Transitions, laugh tracks, sound fx,etc) with all the glitz and professionalism that should go into making a successful program, and ultimately make profit from their quality efforts with the least amount of work involved.
quantass, Sep 30 2005

       you've had this one in the oven for a while eh?
schmendrick, Sep 30 2005

       [Quant] - this is a fine idea, but I think would make money in a way you do not anticipate (or at least not overtly so). The site would be analagous to a "vanity press" or a site like "poetry.com" - the latter site does well by making money off of people who think they are poets. Vanity presses publish books by people with money who want to have a published book. This site could make money off of people who think they can make shows, or want to break into the business, or whatever. The possibility of actually nurturing something wonderful to life is remote, but if so you can take your commission on that too.
bungston, Oct 02 2005

       [bungston] Thanks very much for your analysis!! And thank you all for your kind words :)
quantass, Oct 03 2005

       Out of curiosity, is this merely an idea or are you actually in the process of making this a reality? I only ask because it sounds like a fairly good idea and that you seem to take it very seriously.
hidden truths, Oct 03 2005

       Wow that link is great. Does anyone have any other video links?
JesusHChrist, Oct 03 2005

       [Jesus] The idea proposed here is a lot different from what the link entails. But if you are into just plain video links you can always try p2p clients there is limitless amount of video there.
daisy, Oct 03 2005

       [bungston] I submitted a poem for a contest to win $24K first prize? I didn't win, but they said they really loved the poem & had decided to publish it w/ my permission.   

       I thought, what the hell, at least I can say I've got something published. Later they sent me an advert saying that I could buy the hardback of the anthology of this year's best poets for $25?.   

       I was very pissed. They used a Washington DC address & also the words National Poetry something or another in their title as if they were under a Grant or something.   

       I've since stopped writing poetry, but a few people think what I did was very good. I'll let the wife or kids sell it after I die if it's worth anything. (I doubt it.)   

       The Vanity press org (I assume) should count themselves lucky I couldn't track down a Sith at the time as my emotions of a somewhat amused pride at having been published with less than my best was quickly turned into a dark dark anger at what I suspected was a money making scam.   

       *(dollar amounts have a ? mark at the end, as I don't recall the exact amounts.)
Zimmy, Oct 03 2005

       /scam/ - Not really a scam if everyone has their eyes open. I was very impressed by poetry.com and their ability to find some blood in the stone that is poetry.
bungston, Oct 03 2005

       Thanks very much for all the kind words people!
quantass, Oct 04 2005


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