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Make mine dippable

Buy crisps and don't eat some of them
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The user would open a bag of crisps and dump them into part 1: a large colander with large holes. Any crisps too small for dipping would fall through into part 2: a bin for freezing. Kept at a very low humidity this would be a way to preserve the smaller bits.

The colander could be dumped, sans undippables, back into the bag or a serving bowl. The collection bin would be placed into the freezer. When enough smaller bits were collected they could be warmed up to room temperature still in the dry bin, thus preserving the essential snackiness by preventing condensation-induced sog. Then a flavor packet could be poured on them, they could be further crushed, and enjoyed as "the crumbs" which many people enjoy most.
Voice, Jan 05 2023

The fascinating history of flavoured crisps https://en.wikipedi...tato_chip#Flavoring
Like crisps with dip pre-applied [a1, Jan 06 2023]

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       My hunch is, "too small for dipping" is a more entropic state for crisps than "big enough for dipping", that crisps are fragile, and that the expected number of too-small pieces mixed in with the larger pieces would approach zero only in a frustratingly asymptotic way.   

       OTOH, actual number-of-pieces is an integer, so maybe that doesn't matter.
pertinax, Jan 05 2023

       //actual number-of-pieces is an integer// Yes the large colander is the problem here. What you need is an indentured servant (slavery is so passé) who will carefully sort through the packet manually, separating the crisps into size-sorted bins.   

       I do fear that the freezing part may be problematical, since even in a sealed container there may be enough residual water in the crisps themselves and in the air to cause sublimation / re-condensation problems. The only practical solution I can see here is to scoff the lot as soon as they have been sorted.
pocmloc, Jan 06 2023

       Dipping crisps is gross
pocmloc, Jan 06 2023

       Perhaps they could be produced with the desired dip pre-applied so no further dipping is required?
whatrock, Jan 06 2023

       // produced with the desired dip pre-applied //   

       Flavoured crisps? What a novel concept! Salt and vinegar. Salsa. Jalapeño & cheddar. Barbecue. The possibilities are endless and you have the market entirely to yourself (if you ignore every other purveyor of such savory snacks).
a1, Jan 06 2023

       "Merely teasing [pocmloc]," he said as he munched another BBQ Dorito. "Now if only they were coffee flavo(u)red to boot!"
whatrock, Jan 06 2023

       // coffee flavo(u)red //   

       Google says these exist. Haven't seen them before but I think they'd be a waste of both coffee and crisps.   

       Aside- your rendering of "flavo(u)ed" made me think those crisps were labeled as kosher.
a1, Jan 06 2023


       Interesting coincidence: [whatrock]'s attempts to spell 'flavoured' correctly for half +/- of HBers DOES remind one of the Kosher symbol.   

       The 'u' in 'flavoured' obviously provides another receptacle (in addition to the 'v'') for dip. Noice!
Sgt Teacup, Jan 06 2023

       Omitting the (u) leaves the spelling tref, shirley?
a1, Jan 06 2023

       //enough residual water in the crisps themselves and in the air to cause sublimation / re-condensation problems. //   

       The idea is to have a desiccant packet in with the crisps.
Voice, Jan 06 2023

       //desiccant packet// mmm chewy
pocmloc, Jan 06 2023

       Flavo(u)red, kosher, chewy desiccant packets!
a1, Jan 06 2023


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